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Winning design #137 by redbuzz, Logo Design for Scooped News Contest
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designed by redbuzz

Project description

Logo for Fake News Website (similar to the Onion): I have a project I'm working on for a satire/parody/funny news website and I'm interested in having a logo made to display in the header of the website.

The name of the site is "Scooped News" ( and the idea/concept for the name/logo is two fold:

First) The news is "scooped" in the sense that it is the first anyone will here of it.  You know, like I got the "scoop" on that news story. 

Second) The news is "scooped" in the sense that it is so bad it was scooped out of a litter box.

I'm looking for a logo that plays off of these two themes, maybe incorporating some sort of mischievous looking cat character that uses just a few colors (I'm open to any color palette, and can adjust my website's color to match the logo).  

The idea is to have a "brandable" logo that could also be put on t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.



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  • how about this? #137
  • Redbuzz, I really like this logo... can you please do a couple things for me...

    1) Can you make the shading of the font like you did in #97.

    2)Instead of "NEW" can you change it to "REPORT"

    Thanks again! #86
  • If you want any changes just contact #128
  • kindly check my new entry :)
    thank you #127
  • hello sir thank you for the rating :) kindly check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you:) #126
  • Hope you like it #124
  • kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #122
  • Hi CH, please check #107 and #108 . thanks
  • how about this? #97
  • Out of curiosity, I wonder how this would look with the "p" made to look like a cat head instead of the first "o"...thanks! #86
  • It would be nice to see this in the site's color scheme with a little bit bolder and interesting font. Thanks! #15
    • avo

      About #15, @benjamin_dinsmore

      Thank you for your comment ..
      I have been altering the font is bolder and remain neat and elegant ..
      What do you think ..?
      let me know if there is a change or another font that you want from my logo .. #87, #88.

      Thank You .. :)

  • About #85, @redbuzz thank you.if you have another feedback just tell me. I will provided for you
  • I like this one too, there's no cat feature but it still has a very fresh feel to it! #85
  • Oh that's nice! Any chance you could use the same colors as in #76? The eyes in this one seem to contrast too much with the text...thanks again! #80
  • Thanks Jackie, however, I'm looking for something a little more colorful with a bolder font. #77
    • About #77, @benjamin_dinsmore Hi,
      do you want me to color my cat and fix the font and should I give another go with the cat?

      Thanks for the feedback.


    • @JackieBG Hi Jackie, I'd like to see a more "bold" cat...your cat is very "elegant" looking..but not exactly what I'm looking for...I would like a bolder "flashier" font as well. Thanks!

    • @benjamin_dinsmore O.k. Will do!

  • Hey, that's a cool font! I like it! I'd love to see the eyes a little more "catlike"...thanks! #76
  • I'd like to see this one in the font and color texture you used in #60 and #11. #43
  • The cat locks a little too much like a lion... #28
  • I also like how there is a thicker black border on the font used in #11 and #60. #66
  • This is great! Now...can you use the font and color scheme "texturing" that you used in your design #11 and #60 (without the eyes)? I like how that text in those two entries is kind of "glossy"...thanks! #66