Scooter Rental Delivery

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Winning design #41 by vfdez, Logo Design for Scooter Rental Delivery Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vfdez

Project description

I need a logo for a scooter rental delivery called "Scooter To Your Door"(I will deliver the scooters to the place where they are staying) business I am starting in Florida. I am looking for a cartoonish logo character (preferably female) riding a scooter. Incorporating pastel colors would be nice. If there is a way to convey that it is a delivery service without making it too convoluted, that would be great.

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  • Thank you for the multiple entries. I like F and B and will give them a lot of consideration.
    • Hi, i submitted my logo design #3 but there is no show on contest page. thanks

  • I liked everything except the girl. She looks kind of creepy. I also would have rather seen her in another color beside he green. It doesn't really go with the blue
    • Great! I've uploaded #10 which has a different color dress and a revised face. Does this look less creepy or would you like me to keep adjusting? I'd love to hear any other changes you'd like to see!

  • Thank you for the entry. Nice colors, but it wasn't cartoonish enough. The "scooter to your door" logo was also a little hard to read
  • Hello! I have submitted Entry #5 and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  • very good!
  • I've added a new option #4 with the proper company name. Included the tag line "We Deliver!", a simple way to convey the physical delivery aspect, as well as delivery on commercial promise.
  • Designers, clipart is not allowed in logo contests. The contestholder will not be able to register or copyright the design if it is clipart. All logos are required to be created by you, the designer 100%
  • Only one logo design in an entry is allowed
  • Thank you for the submission. I like the colors, but I didn't literally mean for George Jetson's wife to be used. I am pretty sure there is some sort of trademark violation going on if I used her
    • Guess I did come a bit too close to the original. I've uploaded a better version.

  • The "Deliver" looks to close together Bold "To Your Door" and can you put more of a shadow on "scooter"?
  • put black shadow around "scooter" and bold "We Deliver"
    • I've reached my upload limit. Please, rate my latest upload (over 30) and I will receive a credit allowing me to upload a new entry. Thanks.

  • I think I am almost ready to pick. Can you give me a shadow effect on the word "Scooter" and put "We Deliver" where you did in entry #12 except a little larger, and then get rid of "Rental Delivery"
    • I've uploaded the tweak based on #35, which isn't much different to #32 but the colors pop a bit more. Do let me know if you'd like anything else changed. Thanks.

  • Too bad almost all my designs gone ... will leave this for other Designers to finish! To much work this one! But curious : why you go for this kinda oldfashion retro style ? You only rent retro scooters , or? Just your taste ?Greetings and good luck designers still working on it !
  • did intend for the yellow not to fit in the border? Can I see what it looks like fitting completely in the border? Also, can you take out "we deliver" and add "rental delivery"?
  • can I see what it would look like with "rental delivery" on bottom and "Sccoter to your door" on top?
  • Bingo! Looks great!
  • I like it a lot! Except still not sure about colors, especially "Scooter" being purple. What about red being main color? Can you play around with the colors? Thx
  • I like the cartoon figure a lot. Not crazy about scooter color. Can you get "Rental Delivery" in there somewhere, with a bigger presence?
  • I like it a lot. Can you get "Rental Delivery" in there somewhere? And change the color of the scooter to an aqua green and the "scooter" to another color aside from pink-orange?
    • Ok...thanks for the comment...I will revised the logo as per your instructions...thanks again.

  • Can you take out "we deliver" and add "Rental Delivery" somewhere?