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We were very pleased with the final design and professionalism of designer daniel258. The process is efficient, timely and thorough. We will use DesignContest for future services and projects.


CA$690 paid

140 custom designs

35pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #116 by Markonije, Logo Design for Scoria Media Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Markonije

Project description

Design a logo for a media production company. The word "Scoria" is a type of volcanic rock, therefore, the color of the logo and font should consist of fiery orange/gold and charcoal gray. 

We are envisioning the image below as inspiration for the design direction that we would like to go in...meaning something "HIGH END", something "Design Forward" and eye catching.  The winner of this contest will be a TRUE! designer.

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  • You are one of the top finalist, please change the font spacing to exactly as that of #33.
    • About #72, @scoria thank you for this great message CH... I will submit the latest request.. thanks..

    • thank you for that decision CH..

    • @scoria good day Sir.. thank you for this opportunity to join in your project.. i will entrust my design to you Sir/Maam.. please select design with original concept, not common design you will find in FLAME LOGO in google... i hope and pray for the positive outcome of the project.. thanks...

  • Simple and Attractive logo... #141
  • Hello ch, please check my very unique logo design entry in your contest hopefully you like. #131
  • @scoria #121
  • @scoria #119
  • @scoria #115
  • Please make the symbol (image) larger and use the same font and color scheme of #33. #95
  • PLS CHECK #114
  • PLS CHECK #113
  • At this point you are in the lead. Great Job! Please submit the white image in the top left corner of #106 as well in this submission #105. #105
    • @scoria thank you for giving great ratings and comments pls see #112..i include the black and white version...hope you like it

  • hi ch pls. take a look #105 and #106..hope you like it
  • You are one of the top finalist. Please update the colors and font to the same as submission #33. We we want the same font separation for "MEDIA". #94
  • Please change the font to the same font as #33. #70
  • Thank you, but not what we are looking for. #93
  • Thank you, but not what we are looking for. #96
  • Thank you, but not what we are looking for. #97
  • @scoria #95
  • @scoria #89
  • Wrong font... can you please change the font to match the font used on #33 #70
    • @scoria #72 CH is the correct font... thanks...

  • Hello CH.
    Here is my first proposal for your contest. What do you think about this concept? #81