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Winning design #198 by azeem, Logo Design for Seamless Recycling Contest
Gold Medal

designed by azeem

Project description

We are an IT recycling and data destruction company. We offer services including all forms of IT recycling, media shredding and consulting services. We are a young company that  thinks outside the box. We are looking for a logo that is outside the typical recycling signs. Submit any and all ideas.

Thank you for the great submissions so far. We've ranked them and have reached out to a few of you with some feedback.

There are still two themes that haven't been explored:

1) We are still looking for some character driven logos that incorporate Information Technology recycling.
2) Logos with a mechanical theme.

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  • Two humanoid shapes forming letter ''S''... #250
  • Symbol shows Archimedes screw thread. #248
  • Symbol showing Archimedes Screw thread. #246
  • Can you do some shading on the symbol so it looks like it does on the card? It seems to flat when not engraved. #105
    • About #105, @motoardracer please #240

  • Please check #237 THANKS HOPE U LIKE IT
  • Please check #132 #133 THANKS HOPE U LIKE IT
  • Please check #216 and #219. Thanks
  • We like your logo its a top pick right now, can you do one with the font slightly slanted like number 105? #142
    • @motoardracer Okay ,,, thanks for the advice

    • We are looking for creativity, you submitted exactly what we said we did not want. You can look at our top rated logos for an idea of which direction to head@ghailan

    • About #142, @motoardracer Thanks for your feedback. Here is my new entry with slanted font #226.

  • Dear Client,
    thanks for feedback
    I have made changes as per your instructions as well as i am uploading new variations for your review. #191
  • please feedback #190
  • Here's my concept for the logo. The character is an original work. Kindly rate and provide feedback. Thank you. #171
    • Thank you for the submission it is very creative but is a bit to unprofessional for us as we will be doing a lot of government work. We are leaning away from the character as I don't think we will find something between creative and professional. @kyriene

  • Can you try this in a lower case font, and we would like to see a few different color combos. Maybe a single color. #165
  • About #188, @nightelf082884 Hi CH. here's another idea for the design, Would appreciate to know if I going the right direction. Thanks!
    • Thanks for the submission, not a fan of the logo. We like the lower case font and as for the logo try a different style for the S you don't have to focus on the gear. @nightelf082884

  • Seamless Recycling #174
  • Seamless Recycling #173
  • Hi @motoardracer,

    Thanks for inviting me. This is my design entry
    Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #168
  • @motoardracer Hi! Here is a simple character and logo mock up. I decided to do something more robot-like for this design where the dark in the character is also an "s". #159
  • Hi please share some feedback #152
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you very much for your invitation in your project..I have submitted 2 designs i.e.#122 and #123...I don't know whether you like it or not..but kindly go through the same...regards...