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We are a Edgy startup company which will become part of the social media world. S.F.G. is an Event based mobile application. Find what to do no matter the place or time.

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  • Hi CH,please have a look at #4,#6 and #7... feedback appreciated... thanks
    • |--|

      prabhuganga {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH,please have a look at #4,#6 and #7... feedback appreciated... thanks
      |--| Hello, I like #4 from your designs so far but I would also like to see other types. It appears there are many submitted with the magnify glass.

  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my first design #3. It is simple yet modern. Note the subtle magnifying glass I have included in the design. Furthermore I have based my design on the fact that other search engines and browsers are redesigning their logos to look more geometric and modern, this I have done but with a little 3D added effect to bring out the magnifying glass and make it look cooler.
  • Dear CH, please take a look at my designs #28 and #29 and give any feedback. Any comments would be much appreciated to make the logo suit your needs. Thank you
  • Hello! Here are two suggestions for SFG Production: #24, #25 . Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you
  • Hi, arivera I do not know how I approached the concept edgy, this is just an example of something that resembles it, search of something that works and move in time. Maybe you enjoy the start of ideas, colors can be customized as per your wish #20. Thank you very much, krisdesign
  • Hi there can you please rate number #3 and #9 Thanks
  • Hi CH Any feedback on #44 & #46 will be appreciated. Thanks
    • Nice but not what I'm looking for.

  • Can you provide a mock up with the magnify glass over the S at the beginning of the word with the handle going down in an angle towards the G of the Go.
  • look close to the Amazon logo
  • Hello Dear CH. I've submitted #43. Please let me know if it's on the right track. Regards, Lupo
  • hallo CH. see designs with number #42 may suit your needs. thank you
  • Hi Arivera can you give me some feedback fro my design? thanks
    • Hello Kwik, I like your design #64 but I like the simplicity of your #61 for my Icon. Here are some modifications I would like to see. #64 - I would like to see the word "find" a little better in the magnify glass. Also can you create an Icon on the same mockup of the "Go" in the magnify glass you have in #61. Please let me know if you need more clarification. Thank you - Anthony

    • yes,i can modifications thanks for feedback

    • do you have any feedback for my new design? thanks

  • Hello, I've submitted #79. Any feedback on this design would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Spelled the company name wrong
  • kwik, I want #71;s logo (search find go) with the Icon below in this mockup. So.. the top of #71 and the bottom of #107
    • maybe like design #116? thanks

    • Kello Kwik, Are these PMS colors (Pantone colors). If so what are the colors used?

  • Perfect, thanks
  • Hello Kwik, I like this Logo, thank you. Can you also do a logo for my app icon? I want my app icon to be a circle around the go.
    • Hi arivera thanks for feedback, please see my new design thanks

  • About #96 The magnifying glass search form an arrow "move on", giving an idea of ​​what "go ahead after your quest!" it gives movement to the brand.
  • Hello kwik, Are these PMS colors (Pantone colors)? If so what are the colors number used.