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Winning design #166 by KhairulKabir, Logo Design for Seattle Veterinary Dentistry PLLC Contest
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designed by KhairulKabir

Project description

This business will be for Advanced Veterinary Dentistry on dogs and cats in the Seattle and Puget Sound region. I would like to see design elements incorporating the Seattle City Skyline and Specific DOG TEETH, not human teeth! The most recognizable teeth shapes to use would be of the upper Canine teeth of the dog, or the upper fourth premolar tooth of the dog. Consider checking other Veterinary Dental Specialist's websites/logos for information. Information about Veterinary dentistry can be found at WWW.AVDC.ORG. Definitely want something different than other Veterinary Dentistry services locally (Shoreline Veterinary Dental Specialists, Eastside Veterinary Dentistry)

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  • . #282
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  • Identical to the last set but with the addition of the space needle. #272
  • Hi,
    I realised that I was using some of the older mariners colours in my previous designs. While I think they look great, it's not 100% what you asked for. Here is an updated version with the latest mariner colours (2015). I also included an additional version with the Seattle, and PLLC text moved up into the dog tooth shape and coloured white to complete the mariner colours in full. I think this is a slightly cleaner looking design overall but I'll let you decide. Again, any feedback or critique is warmly welcomed.


    -Vincent #271
  • Went for a very clean and modern design using the older Mariner colours of blue and yellow. Chose a fresh thin font for the text which I think compliments the symbology. Both the dog and the cat shilloute are in front of the shape of a dogs tooth. Not too sure what the name is but I think it's the second to last tooth in the lower jaw.

    Two variations here, one with sleek lines above and below the business name and one without lines.

    Hope you like it, any feedback or critique welcome.


    -Vincent #270
  • Hope you Like it my Design.. #255
  • Hope You like It. #254
  • Hi islk9doc, i just posted my entry #250 hope hear any feedback from you thanks
  • can you put a Green or blue collar on the dog? That might look cool. #131
  • Would like to see a version with the words arranged differently. See #58

    eliminate the word "city" #187
  • I think I like this color scheme better than the newer one. Would like to see a version with subtle green worked in? Perhaps along the border of the top part of the tooth or the "seattle" and "PLLC" parts. #131
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    Finally I Make The Design what you want Please check Design #227
  • Concept submission , colors can be added per requirement. #223
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    Check Design #217 hope you like it
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    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #211
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  • @islk9doc Hi, hope you like this concept, thanks. #184