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This was a great experience. I had a ton of great designs. Chelsea did a great job and we are going to be happy with the designs we chose.

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Winning design #27 by ChelseaBlain, Logo Design for Security National - Rebrand LOGO Design Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ChelseaBlain

Project description

Hello Logodesigners, ‘Security National’ has been a solid company that has been providing services for over 45 years. Our services focus in the industries of mortgage, life insurance, financial and even mortuary services. We have offices and representatives in cities across the United States and continue to provide a great service to our clients. Yet, our logo is dated and it’s time to FRESHEN UP our brand. We are looking for powerful new brand ideas and are open to all types of designs. The two most important points to remember are… 1.) Logo must have a symbol that can be used for all organizations. (This can remain in a 4 square box or designed in a completely different way.) 2.) We are looking for a simple, smart, professional and sleek logo. Words that represent our brand: Inspired, Committed, Dedicated, Smart and Warm. Nothing silly or goofy. No drop shadows or embossing. Stay with a few distinct colors. Subtle shading and other ideas are fine but we are looking for a logo that is simple, powerful and trustworthy. The logo will be used on all type of print, apparel, TV spots, tradeshows, outdoor signage, etc. We are happy to answer any questions and will actively communicate with you on the project. We are excited to see the creativity and design ideas!!! Regards, Dave + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + UPDATE 9/13/2013: I like the Bold Header for Security National... and then the sub head in a smaller or lighter font... Mortgage Company, Life Insurance Company, Financial, etc. We are open to both Serif and San Serif fonts. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + UPDATE 9/19/2013: Great Design Work!!! We have listed the top designs we like but have not made a final decision. Please include your final submission by today and we will announce a winner at the end of the day. Thank you for your participation.

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  • HI CH! . please check out my designs #1 #2 and #3 . .and have it rated and comment on it so i can modify it as you like. thank you
  • Hi I entered with #84, #85, #86, #87 and #88. Guidance. feedback, critic is always welcome. Regards Andrei
  • Hi David. What do you think about #81. Please feedback
  • Hi David, i send #67 and #69 very clean style in blue colors. If you can provide feedback to do the best. Thank you
  • This is interesting. I like the bold Security and small font. Maybe a color change from 100% in Security and 70% in National. I like the two words designed together in Security National. The symbol is not what I'm looking for. If you could subtly add the SNMC acronym that would be better.
  • I would like to stay away from random icons as our symbol. Looking for more of the design with the SNMC acronym.
  • CH, I look forward to having the opportunity to design an updated logo for you already successful business. I am working on it as we speak and am hoping for some helpful feedback to move the design further. Stay tuned and will submit in next few minutes. God bless and have a great evening! :) Dina....
    • Please see #47 when you have the time. This is my first entry and wanted to keep it simple, follow your original logo, yet modernize it. I look forward to any comments you may have to offer. Thank you for the opportunity! Dina...

  • So try listing the SN on top and the MC under in the square shape. I like the colors and simplicity.
  • I like the font on this as well as the bottom tag line. However the symbol looks like a Baseball team. Try to change it to a SNMC symbol. Also get rid of the star. It does not make sense.
    • HelLo CH I thank you for the feedback. MORTGAGE of course. I'll try to make an elegant combination of initials. Best Regards!

  • I like the thought behind this. You did spell Mortgage wrong. See if you can work the SNMC into the design. The bold font looks interesting.
  • Hi David, Just submitted another one, entry #36. Please provide me with any feedback you may have.
  • Hi David, Just submitted entry #26. I created the "Window" look of the original logo with 4 arrows going into each other as well as creating the infinity symbol. Take a look and let me know what you think, I think its very corporate.
    • I like the font. Not a fan of the symbol. I need a symbol that is close to our current symbol.

  • Hi CH, any Feedback on #24 and #25 would be appreciated. thanks
    • The colors and shading look nice. Yet - I'm not going for the flower look. I feel it makes the design more complex. I want the design and shapes super simple.

  • Hard to read. Do not like the outline the SNMC in main symbol. I want a lighter font face for 'Mortgage Company'.
  • Hi David, I submitted entry #18. The icon is both an "S" and an "N" and creates a positive moving forward/progression feeling. Please provide me with any feedback you may have. Thanks Carmine
    • I like the positive moving feeling. Still we really need a logo option with the SNMC icon. Try another design and work with the symbol. It can be a 4 corner design or something completely different.

  • I like the font style. I also like the colors. I do not like the spinning ninja star design. Try making a simple yet powerful symbol.
    • okay sir.. thanks for the feedback.. :) i will submit more designs after office hours. thanks

    • |--|

      jeejee {*wrote*}:
      okay sir.. thanks for the feedback.. :) i will submit more designs after office hours. thanks
      |--| Sir dave regarding #58 did u visualize the big letter S and N on it? :) if so maybe you still did not like it.. :)

  • jeejee, I like your design style. I do not like the lock symbol. It feels like a lock smith company. Keep moving forward using this font. Try working with our SNMC symbol.
  • Keep working on this idea. I like the direction and it has potential.
  • I'm not a fan of the pizza shape. We have always had a traditional square and the complete circle would be too drastic of a change.
  • Hi I submitted the entry #99. I worked a lot on the logo to keep it simple and readable, combining the shape of the initials S and N.I thought it was more interesting and original to play around the symbol instead of the acronym. The color is optional as I wanted to have a feedback, thank you for your attention!