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Winning design #249 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by jctoledo

Project description is a is a specialized real estate webtv for the generalist public.

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  • My apologies...correction on's #12 and #13 that belong to me!
  • Dear CH, I submitted #11 and #12 for your review so far. any feedback would be much appreciated as far as which direction I should go from this point on. thanks
  • Dear contest holder, please check my design concept entry #11 (please view it in the high resolution for proper colors) and let me know what you think. suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Gautam
  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposal 6 7 8 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • hi ch! was wondering...are there any colors in particular, or elements u have in mind? thanks 4 ur time. best regards.!
  • 95, 94, the concept born of the tv broadcast and I represent the world of the web tv with sphere of color of the broadcast, with people connected at the web.
  • Hello CH, I would appreciate it if you would give me some feedback on my design. It is entry #91 THANKS!
  • Dear CH I submitted the entry #118. please give somo feedback.
  • 179 entries and no comment from CH, rating, etc. That equals to be so many hours of designers hard work!! I would have LOVED to enter this contest, but once I saw there is absolutely no feedback, I decided against it. Good luck to all you fabulous, creative designers and hope you get some feedback soon....
  • Hi CH, Could you please give me feedback for my entry #164 - SEEK "SWEET HOME" TV and my other two entries #114 and #113 Thank you
  • Hi, your entry has been removed as we do not allow mock-ups in design entries. Please read our guidelines and ensure this doesn't happen again. Thank You Michael
  • Hi CH please have a look on my entries #154 #155 and #156 Thank You
  • ABOUT: #152 & #149 hi ch, here are my entries, 2 different approaches, hope u enjoy! some feedback would be appreciated thanks 4 ur time best regards
  • not that easy to do inspiring work.. very short briefing and no feedback to creat better work.. cheers to all competitors..
  • no self promotion allowed in an entry, only the entry itself
  • you are not allowed to clipart or existing art in logo contests the art you used is found here
  • Dear CH and thereeds92, I trust that the CH who is paying for all of this has reasons for not responding, maybe we need to entice the CH ? lets do a CH wave. ~~~*ooooooh CH WE NEED FEEDBACKPLZ!*~~~
  • Hello, Please see my first entries #247 , #248 , and #249 . J.w
  • Sorry but I have to leave for 10 days! I wish I something sleeker, more contemporary. Both light and graphics. Currently I prefer numbers 178, 158, 134, 132 but they are not really satisfactory. My favorite colors are black and orange. Thanks for your participation.