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Winning design #25 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for SEKO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

We are creating a new product. The product is base on the lotus effect It is a chemical that sprayed to textiles it will produce the lotus effect.. We need a product logo, the product name is "SEKO" (dry in spanish). The product is directed to everyone. The logo will be placed on a spray bottle of 200 ml.

The custumer should get the idea from the logo that it is a premium product with excelent quality, and also enviromentally friendly (green color is prefered but it is not an obligation).

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  • "O" like a water droplet #120
  • Logo idea #108
  • simple and cleand #101
  • simple nd clean please feedback and review so i can sent more design for you, thank's. #100
  • Lotus and spray particles #98
  • here's another idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #91
  • here's another version. #90
  • here's some enhancement. Hope im on track. Good luck #81
  • I've made another design for your logo. Waiting for your feedback, #75
  • What do you think about the improvements I made on the design? Thanks! #73
  • another approach. Good luck. :-) #72
  • Here's my another idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #71
  • My concept for your logo. #59
  • About #70, @GP67 Hi nicolas.castaneda. Only to tell you that the bottle and the background I used for my l#70 ayout ARE NOT part of the logo. They are only to show the effect. I don't want to infringe any copyright :) Kind regards G
  • Logo revision. Hope im on track. Good luck. :-) #55
  • What do you like and dislike about #51? Should I stick to improve other designs or do you like this concept better?
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck. #40
  • Hello nicolas.castaneda, i submitted #38 and was curious what you thought of the changes i made for #20? Thanks!
  • Hi nicolas.castaneda, thank you for rating my design. I have submitted a lightly revised design. #25. I have added some depth to the flower and used a different font. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks again.
    • @sikdesigns I like the font and colors, Im not really sure about the flower. But I like the idea of a flower you can tweek it a little or maybe a try an umbrella. Thank you for your great logo

    • @nicolas.castaneda Thanks. I will work on it.

    • @nicolas.castaneda I have uploaded #27 based on your feedback. Any additional feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  • thank you for rating my logo. Can you give some hint to raise it ? #8
    • @janoo, thank you for your logo but I would like it more for a premium like product.