Selecta Promotion needs logo

We are really happy with are new logo! We got a bunch of great soloutions and it was pretty hard to pick the best one.

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Winning design #105 by Brendox, Logo Design for Selecta Promotion needs logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Brendox

Project description

We want an exciting logo that is professional and creative! Logo should be easily recognizible with accent detail, something that will make us stand out from the crowd. As a tag we like the words : creative ideas, trust, excellence.
We are not married to any color or shape. All original "out of the box" ideas are very welcome.

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  • HI CH about #23. Now put the icon on top. the font is more commercial and put down a line to give a touch of elegance. to compare and make changes
  • "SELECTA" typo is cool, but you missed the point with colors. and, its "promotion" not presentation :) give us a re-design please
  • bad font
  • shape and colors are to aggresive
  • try again please, not what we like
  • the same comment as for the last one
  • between many, this icon is so interesting and catch an eye. try to play with fonts and logo shape
  • we like font. try with another font for "promotion" and include some detail that will stand logo out from crowd. we took a look at your works on other contests and we like your solutions
  • interesting, but it associates with broken heart. colors you have chosen are good.
  • you missed the point with icon, but typo (font) you use is good. if you can give us more solutions, please
  • we like color palette you use, but the concept do not match our vision
  • not bad concept but we do not like icon. please modify and give us wordmark solution
  • ABOUT #25 #26 Dear Ch, There is "SP" on the heart!! thank you
  • @Asibi, thank you for info about limited no. of entries if they are not rated. Designers, In next few hours we are going to rate all entries. Thank you for effort and your patience.
  • HI CH about #4 see my review entrie #23.i put the icon on the side ang chnge for a font more more delicate and elegant. I can still make other changes. tanks
  • HI CH ABOUT #4 see my my review entry #22. i put the icon on the side. and put the name of the company in two lines to balance. tanks
  • Dear Ch, Here is a logo using high quality font (Helvetica) used by big companies emphasizes your firm name, ready for print on T-shirts, business cards, letterhead even in black and white, Thanks
  • HI CH I work two new versions. I place as soon as ready. keep the font you want or want to change. tanks
  • Can you please give us few more solutions based on this idea. Exclude "event management" and modify icon position
  • Designers, please exclude tag words, slogans and icon from logo. After discusion we decided to go with "Wordmark" concept.