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Winning design #93 by Jei Yuen, Logo Design for Sell Phone Hut Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jei Yuen

Project description

The company will buy unused electronics from people. The trade-in are supposed to be quick, easy, and best of all, green, both for the environment and monetarily. The logo should incorporate some type of hut/ simple building with electronics/technology, phones and tablets mainly. Some other ideas I have had are the hut plugging in to an outlet or having some connection to electricity to show functionality. Simplicity and easiness to look at are key. Lots of little things tend to just cloud up a design and take away from the main point. I know it is tempting to look at other designs before you start, but please try to refrain from looking at the others before you start. Even if it is subconscious, your design will become similar to others. Designs seen as not original will have a greatly reduced chance of being chosen. Nothing in the brief about ideas for logos is imperative. After all, the reason I need help is because I am not that creative. The ball is in your court, but it should have something to do with electronics. Thanks!

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  • After looking at the designs, would you mind adding the palm tree from #2 to this design but not change anything else. I think that could look pretty neat.
    • OK Jamie, please see my update design #13 i hope you like this thanks

    • thanks for the rating jamie, maybe you have other suggestions for my design?

    • Hi Jamie, i have new style on "Hut" shape on design #33 i hope you like thanks

  • Hello CH, Thanks for the ratings for #7 and #8. Are there any modifications you would like me to make? Thanks, Paul
  • Kwik, thanks for the comment asking for feedback. I really like the simplicity of this design while still giving a great design. I like it a lot. The only reason I rated it an 81/100 is because I didn't want other designers to think that they needed to try to copy yours for me to be happy with it.
    • Thanks for the rating jamie, i already send new design, please see and i hope you like. thanks

  • My feedback would be that there is too much text for the graphic. Also, I think the antennae on the phone should go and I don't love the black. Good start, but maybe we should try something new
  • I like the concept, but I think there is too much brown and the arrow is slightly confusing and kind of covers up to hut to a point that it is hard to recognize. Let's maybe try something new.
  • I like your other one better. I just think there is too much going on here.
  • Hi Jamie, thanks for invitation. i hope you like my design. maybe you have some feedback for me? thanks
  • Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for inviting me to your project. I'm going to read the briefing and I will upload some designs soon. I hope you like them. Kind Regards. Rocky
  • I like the start, but is there a way to change the roof of the hut. I think there is too much contrast between the device and the roof. However, I do like the initials and the leaf. My only thought on the leaf is that maybe we should somehow include it without the charger, because I think the charger just adds a little too much extra here, but if possible do try to keep the leaf. Thanks
  • About #18: Thanks jmacfarlane for inviting me to your contest. I have created my first entry for you. I tried to make the hut look at real as I could. And I added a tablet as the main part of the hut with your initials of your company on it styled out. And then if you look close I changed the dock connector you what the new style of tablets and phones are using now. I used a leaf on the plug part to give it that going green feel. I hope you like the design and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • thanks, do you have any suggestions for #12 :) what do you think about the font and color?
  • your entry is almost exact copy of kwiks designs, even noted by the contestholder
  • About #31 Hi jmacfarlane, I have created a new design. I like the new one better it seems to draw attention more then the other one. What I did was put your company name curving over the main part of the's on a piece of old wood. Then I made some bamboo sticks that is holding up the hut. Then I found some bamboo leafs and made some silhouettes out of them and put them on the sides and then I made the top of the hut. Once I got done I thought it would look neat if the hut had the bamboo sticks coming out the top so I did a layer mask on that and it really made the design look better. I hope you like the design and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Feedback and Ratings are Welcomed & Appreciated! Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hello, %29, #30, are my designs for You, Please rate,I hope you will not miss your good score
  • This is very similar to kwik's designs. Please try to come up with a completely original design.
  • I prefer a more compact design, so I don't think the three huts are a great fit. Thanks for the submission
  • Very Neat. Is there any way that you think you could cut down on the number of colors in the design without changing the general gist of the logo. Just for future printing needs, it will be cheaper and easier if there are fewer colors involved. Also, maybe try to use lighter colors. If there is any way to make the design more compact, I think that would be beneficial too. Thanks
    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback, yes sure, i will update it and upload it again. Regards.

    • Hi there, just uploaded the logo on a lighter, eco friendly color scheme, hope you like it!

  • Thanks the rating on my design i sense you like the idea just maybe not my design, I will work on it more when i wake.
    • exactly, I like the idea with the arrows and the device, but less so the design itself

  • Asteroid you leaning for a 3d gradient logo? Or more like a flat simple design? :)
  • For anyone who is looking for comments, I will most likely post some comments on certain ones tomorrow morning. I am swamped right now and will do it asap.