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Winning design #52 by Rocky30, Logo Design for Selling Grey Oaks Logo Contest
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designed by Rocky30

Project description

We sell real estate in a very high end country club community in Naples, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Naples is an upscale vacation/second home community. Residents are generally fairly wealthy, 50 and older. The town regularly closes its tony main street for fun events such as art festivals, car shows, halloween and new years celebrations, holiday party complete with fake snow and others. We would like a logo to use on print, vehicle (nifty looking golf cart), web site, promotional items, etc. Something that is easily incorporated into a wide variety of design layouts. We want to convey a professional, sophisticated yet fun approach to selling homes.

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  • Not what we're looking for; too much emphasis on "words", Liked your treatment of "real estate", don't care for the tree image. Looked at you other designs; like your #91,58,86,59 & 17 just as an example.
    • thank you for your feedback - I will try to design something different. :) best regards

  • Please upload correct example file and what is your logo name. Thank you.
    • "Come Home To Grey Oaks" don't see where I can re-upload the file but you can see it here: it is the one for "Coastal" and was simply for guidance on what we like, i.e. shape, style, color effects, etc.

    • Found the file upload link but looking on the site for file upload specs I cannot find any information. JPEG not working; what file format works??

  • Hello again, I would like to know tell me that's the opinion about these workings #54, #53, #50, #42 and #43 . Please let me know: I'd like to know what you like and what you do not like. I would appreciate if you would give me an feedback. Best regards!
    • Sorry, many entries to look at. Yours are very creative but not for our purpose. I would say to complex for the look we are going for. These are excellent designs; just not for our purpose. Thank you so much for your effort! joe

  • Hi! I would like to know some modifications that you want to see in my design....colours, forms, objects....To get the logo that you looking for. Thank you so much.
    • I tried to do some logos more minimalist like you said initially. Regards.

    • Hey there, we are looking at them now. Get back to you a little later. Thanks for your effort!

    • Your #26 is appealing. Delete fireworks, shrink the "sun" by 50%, palm trees larger by 25%; "Come Home" a little smaller

    • I've uploaded three logos with your recomendations. I hope your feedback. Thank you!

  • Hello CH, I submitted #46 and I would like to know what do you think about my concept. Thank you.
  • Hello CH I would like to know tell me that's the opinion about the design #42 and #43. Also I have done #23 and#24. I want to know if you can tell me an opinion. I put a lot of skill and I worked hard for them, just to know. BEst regards!
  • CKS
    About #34 Hello, please let me know if this would be the idea of the golden. Regards. Erick
    • Erik, something looks odd here. There is a small amount of distortion or something above the tallest palm. If you make the palm tree image a little bit smaller or the orange ball a very little larger; that would do it. Sorry for the confusion.

    • CKS

      Dear John, i´m sorry but i'm still confused about the golden thing

  • just one more tweak - would like to see a bit of the gold color past the tallest palm tree.
    • CKS

      Hello, I'm sorry but I think i didn't understand your request on the golden part. Could you explain a bit more about that change please. Regards

    • Would like to see the palm taller palm tree inside the orange circle. If still not clear please let me know.

  • Hello CH, I made ​​two designs #23 and #24. I built the whole composition as a picturesque landscape to give a compact form, so you can also use on the shirt and on the car. I felt the need to make a landscape more detailed to give uniqueness and luxury. If you want to improve something I expect from you new requirements. Best regards!
  • could you try making the palms and the flag black in the main image?
    • CKS

      Hello, thank you for feedback and evaluation, soon i´ll present a new version. Regards. Erick

  • Very nice! Thinking on it.
  • Hello CH, I submitted #16 but from your comments I realize that you want something else. I'd like to hear your opinion, so that I will improve my design or try another concept. Thank you.
  • If these are the "fireworks" you're talking about - not sure but I do like the design.
    •, the fireworks are in the entry #9. In this entry are like raylights.

    • Hmmmm, OK, I see what you mean now. I do like them but let me think about it.

    • I think I DO like them for #18 and 19. Not sure I want both the golf ball AND the flag. Originally did not like the golf ball idea but it looks pretty good. Still like the flag. Could you remove the ball in #19 and make the flag a little larger?

  • I think this is my favorite for a starting point so far. Have to think about the shades of green - the golf "green" might be too bright but just leave it for now. Need to stare at it a while.
    • Ok, I will work with your recommendations and I will try to put less bright colours. Regards.

  • Hi! I've uploaded the logo with some modifications. Would you like to keep the fireworks? or not? I hope your comments. Regards.
    • Not sure yet. I find I have better input if I take my time and think about things - go figure! Give us a little time to consider what you've done. Can all the designers see these comments?

    • Ok! Yes, the other designer can see all the comments, because this isn't a blind contest. Thanks for the feddback. I will continue working.

  • Just focus on incorporating the golf flag in recent uploads. one palm vs. two, maybe elongate that black "island" the palms are on (just a little) to look more like but not JUST like a green.
  • we're liking this quite a bit. not totally sure about the gold color or really just the shade of gold but leave it for now. going to upload some other images for you to see. They are much more abstract than we started out thinking but like the golf flag and or abstract golf club or even golfer. I'm thinking these would be incorporated with the palms - maybe only one palm??? Trying to think of a color other than black for the palms.
  • About #52 Hello! I've uploaded this design with small details and modifications that may like you. Regards!
    • Thank you. All are nice but don't care for the sun "rays" #52 is good.

    • We selected your design! There are a few minor changes we need but need to communicate with you. What is the best way in this final stage to work on this??

  • your entry is too much like the highest rated entry in the contest 52
  • DESIGN #58 Hello, do you need anything done on this logo?