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Hello, We need a logo for the company SEMA STUDIO. A company will making film( For example, advertising films, business films and installation films. 3D animation,live production... The logo should look modern, be good for use on a website and print on black clothes and business card

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  • Hi. #7 is my draft design, shown in a few color variations: the graphic is simple yet distinctive, highly adaptable and brandable. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
    • logo need has some part associated with filming

    • OK, I had started with something minimal. Here's a revised design with an incorporated, iconic Hollywood clapboard and a camera's recording red light in the tagline: #20. (An extra graphic element is also included, like the "hidden arrow" in the FedEx logo; there's an upward arrow on the top right corner between the "M" and "A".)

  • suggestion
  • any idea with play or pause button and camerea ?
  • more color, maybe orage or red ?
  • thank you for your assessment, what do I need to change or to add from my design #9
    • maybe another font or something more with the camera

  • look nice but i need version on black background ;)
    • Thank you very much,, this is the variations of the logo #49, full color, flat, and black and white in dark background. I'm still working for another design version for dark/black background, i'll post that soon :) best regards -- update -- New version of dark background #53

  • good idea but the end result looks unprofessional, some ramp color or shadows ?
    • thanks for comment, new variant add.... its right?

  • try add some object mayby something like
  • About #30 & #31 hi this is my first competition entries ... please give your positive and negative reviews for further improvemant :-) thank u ..
    • try somthing with camera and little 3D effect

    • yeah sure ill try to do .... should i use all the colors that u specified

    • NO! it is just small suggestion, impress me another color but remember it must look good on black t-shirt

  • can you add little 3D effect or shadow?
  • please help me can i upload a new one after elimination #31
  • great idea with play button in O character, but try do somthing with tape and maybe one more color?
  • try do somtehing like this design:
    • I am trying to make a 2 entry by using the gradient color on the logo, I hope you liked this. Please check the entry #91 and #92 :)

  • pleaase try on black background ;)
    • Just uploaded! Sorry about that. Let me know if you want any other changes ;)

  • hi CH skierzek, please see my entry #71. I made it modern and unique logo hope you like it.Please let me know if you want revisions, Thank you
  • i need version on black background ;) logo need looks good on black t-shirt, i don't have carbon T-shirt ;)
    • Hopefully one of my newer uploads suit your taste better. ;)

  • hi CH skierzek, thanks for the rating #56. please let me know if you want some changes or comments. thank you
  • please, try bigger font and smaller camera and filmtape the same as in project 114
    • Please check my new revisions in #129 #130 #131. i hope you like it sir. :)

  • please try the round on the left and filmtape under the subtitle
    • Skierzek Dear, thank you for your vote #123, this is my new design #125 #124 please see, I hope you like it, thank you ...

  • try add camera and delete lens :)
    • Hello Skierzek, Thank you very much for your helpfull feedback, this is my new design #120, #121, #122, #126, #128 with camera on it, please let me know if you want another improvement :) Kind Regards, Idanism