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Amazing Designers and great Results! Received a ton of Logos even just in the first couple of hours! Shout out to the amazing designer Aligutierrez59 for winning and always making changes right away! His definitely stood out in a mixture of great artworks! A pleasure to work with! Definitely if we decide to change any of our kids program logos, we will come straight to you!

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Winning design #633 by aligutierrez59, Logo Design for Seminole Community Church Contest
Gold Medal

designed by aligutierrez59

Project description

We would like a new logo for our church! We want it simple and more modern. We would like to focus more on the letters "SCC." 

Logo Design for

Attached is our old logo. We would like to steer away from this completely! We have had this logo for over 20 years and want to switch things up!

Also attached (as examples of what we like) are some logos from current churches! Our favorite is Saddlebacks Logo. (Please do not include any of these files! they are current church logos)

We are going to be placing this logo on Signs, T-shirts, Letterheads, and TV screens... So a vector logo is needed! One that can be altered to be whatever color we want. 

Please use all the information that we have given you... but also please feel free to make it the best YOU think you can make it. Don't feel constrained by our guidelines! If you think your on to something, send it to us! We will be constantly rating these things to help you guys know what we are looking for! 

Thank you again and happy submitting!

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  • i hope you like this design, comment please, thank #686
  • About #633, @aligutierrez59 In the #684 design requested modification, thank you
  • About #633, @aligutierrez59 Hello, there is no problem I can send you the original files of the 2 that you like, thanks for your valuation.
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  • Proposal design 2.3 #651
  • Proposal design 2.2 #650
  • Proposal design 2.1 #649
  • Proposal design 2.1 #648
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  • About #635, @aligutierrez59 Thank you!!! ;)

  • Thank you so much for the Changes! Love this! #635
  • About #37, @aligutierrez59

    also with this one the people wanted to see the colors flipped (Blue on top and Green on the bottom)

    Also Could we get Blue on top and Brown on the bottom.

    Again THANK YOU so much for your hard work! It is almost finished
  • About #614, @aligutierrez59

    Getting Super Close! We started a Vote, and the people really like this logo. But they would like a more "readable" "S"

    Is there anyway you could have a More readable S but still include the divide from one side to the other?
  • SloganBird #632
  • In this proposal all the text in blue #622
  • About #560, @aligutierrez59 Thank you for your appreciation, in the proposals #611 #612 #613 #614 the requested modifications