Seminole Community Church

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Project description

We would like a new logo for our church! We want it simple and more modern. We would like to focus more on the letters "SCC." 

Logo Design for

Attached is our old logo. We would like to steer away from this completely! We have had this logo for over 20 years and want to switch things up!

Also attached (as examples of what we like) are some logos from current churches! Our favorite is Saddlebacks Logo. (Please do not include any of these files! they are current church logos)

We are going to be placing this logo on Signs, T-shirts, Letterheads, and TV screens... So a vector logo is needed! One that can be altered to be whatever color we want. 

Please use all the information that we have given you... but also please feel free to make it the best YOU think you can make it. Don't feel constrained by our guidelines! If you think your on to something, send it to us! We will be constantly rating these things to help you guys know what we are looking for! 

Thank you again and happy submitting!

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  • without love sign #349
  • Here has a love sign #348
  • Thanks #347
  • Please check my design please give feedback #343
  • Helo sir please chek my design & tell me any changes..??
  • S CC all available on it also. Blue color S and two C covered the S as border. hope it will unique one. not the copy of others #338
  • Please Feedback #333
  • Please Feedback #332
  • Please Feedback #330
  • Please Feedback #329
  • Hello Sir I Would Like to Start In The NAme OF Allah The Most Benefit And The most Merciful... I MAke A Logo For YOu ANd I Think SO THis Logo IS best FOr YOu... Please Sir ANswer...Tell About My DEsign .... #326
  • AHello Sir I would Like tO convince In the NAme of Allah The Most Benefit And The Most Merciful . I MAke A logo For You This Logo is Best for You #324
  • Here is my secouend submission :D
    hope you like it
    please give me your feedback :D #318
  • @joshuacwalsh

    Hi joshuacwalsh!

    I am interest to joining on your contest,.
    Here is my first submission.
    hopefully you like it.
    but i willing to hear your suggestion for best result..
    Your feedback will appreciated

    Warm regards,

    Mufidz #317
  • hi,this is my #129 revision. please check it, thank you #306
  • Its polygon here has 2c and a negative which makes a s. Thanks #303
  • Dear ch ,

    I hope you like this.
    Its more clear than the other of my entries. #278
  • If you look closely you find the SCC available on it. and most important that cross sign in the middle spread out brightness all over.
    Hope it will be your choice..

    regards #277
  • Dear ch ,

    I hope you like this.
    Its more clear than the other of my entries. #275
  • Dear ch ,

    I hope you like this.
    Its more clear than the other of my entries. #274