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Winning design #9 by nvillegas, Logo Design for Sensational Home Theater Contest
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designed by nvillegas

Project description

Sensational Home Theater is a custom home theater & electronics installer located in Southern California. We specialize in small to medium scale projects including, but not limited to, Flat panel & television mounting, audio/speaker configuration, and security camera installations.

We are looking for something semi-minimalist, sleek, that is not too loud. The use of blue & grey would be great.

We are currently putting together a website, and need a solid logo to go along with it.

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  • Hi The sound symbol is making the letter "S" of sensation while flipped. Two circles around are the speakers. The font of the word "sensational" is creating drama and freedom to create sensation. Thank You. #51
  • Hi, The part of the symbol is a sign of "sound". Please do not hesitate to ask for any change regarding color, font, style, shape etc.Your feedback is very precious. #42
  • About #33, @bandhuji ANY FEEDBACK PLEASE
  • Hello Sir,
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
    feel free to comment..hope to hear from you!cheers!
    Regards. #39
  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
    Thanks! #38
  • Tried to incorporate the logo / pictorial to the brand name. You can use the symbol all by itself but still can recognize the company identity. Please feel free to comment. Thanks! #22
  • Hi Ch, thank you so much to positive feedback and suggestion. i upload now the revise design as you requested. hope you like it. ;) thanks #20
  • I really like this one. It is sleek, modern, and just loud enough to catch peoples attention, but not sending them running away screaming. I am trying to find criticism but I can't

    Thank you for your entry #9
    • thank you for the feedback. I'll try to play around with this look and also do some more design untill we get the look that you want. Again thank you.

  • The logo looks more like a recycler than a electronics installer. Needs to be redone

    Thank you for your entry #13
  • The logo is very vague / doesn't seem to tell me anything about the business

    Thank you for your entry #12
  • Can you put this on a background that doesn't look like ruffled paper? I like this one
    Thank you for your entry #10
  • Same deal, not really sure if I am liking this font

    Thank you for your entry #8
  • Not really sure if i like this font. Use a different font

    Thank you for your entry #7
  • I see what you are doing with the rectangles, but it just isnt attention grabbing as i would like

    Thank you for your entry #6
  • I am liking the simplicity of this one. Make the blue a little darker

    Thank you for your entry #5
  • This is a little too busy for my tastes. The logo seems to outweigh the Sensational Home Theater

    Looking for the logo to be a little more minimal

    Thank you for your entry #11
  • hello CH,
    I uploaded design #4. I hope I'm on the right track. Please feedback. Thank you...
  • I would like it to be more modern. This looks a bit like a bounce house / circus company.

    Thank you for your entry #1
    • About #1, @sensationalht, Thanks, ry to do another one, but if you update a brief it will be helpful, now brief is so poor

    • @RAMcreative Updated the brief, hopefully this makes it more helpful