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Winning design #135 by Iridith, Logo Design for SEO Search Contest
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designed by Iridith

Project description

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The values of my company are:

- high level of knowledge
- effective action and therefore excellent results
- easy accessible and friendly
- creative and innovate

The logo should be simple, but high quality. No slogan, not to many colors, 
It should be a font which is not used a lot, but highly attractive. No triangles in the font, that's old fashion

From the current logo I like keep the orange color (RGB 255, 79, 0) 

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  • Can you edit this one, that the magnifying glass is smaller and lower? #138
  • This one I like more than the other side, but the two endings I don't like #132
    • Hello CH, Thank you for the feedback. Can you explain what exactly do you mean by "two endings"? Do you mean the hand of the magnifying glass being white inside the "S" and black outside of it? Best regards, Iridith

    • @Iridith The (bottom) start of S and the stick of the magnifying glass

  • And can you make a version where the magnifying glass is at the end. Not in the letters, but smaller, not with the graph in it #107
  • Still bit too busy. Please check #50. Could you use the same font, but #50 that as inspiration? #132
  • Clean and simple SEO Search, where a subtle search glass is created by the tail of the S and O with site stats graph going upwards. Let me know if you'd like to see any changes made. -Kristi #131
  • And I find the E of SEO not well readable #107
  • Can you make the magnifying glass with the end to the left, instead of pointing to the right. The stick of the glass #107
  • Old fashion and too busy :( Better use a nice font and small element to make it special #127
  • Too busy. Needs to be lean and professional #126
  • Has potential :) Can you: - remove the slogan - improve the magnifying glass (light inside, orange lines) #124
  • Too busy. Like clean and professional #122
  • Hello CH, Here's a version with smaller graph. Best regards, Iridith #121
  • Don't like that it crosses the upper part of the S. Maybe bit smaller #120
  • Here is a font that is not used that often and its quite eye catching #117
  • Here is a font you don't see every day and its very eye catching. Thanks for the opportunity. #116
  • Can you also make one without the magnifying glass, bit with the upcoming graph in the S? #107
  • Thank you for the other fonts. If you have some more, please show me. So far I like this one the most, as it looks clean and professional #107
  • Asked feedback from my customers and they mentioned this font is more like the eighties. Better to use another more trendy font #110
    • @miranda1 thanks for the feedback

  • And can you have a version with orange behind the S and without the slogan #107
    • Hello CH, I've uploaded #109 with the requested changes. Best regards, Iridith

  • Hello CH, I've uploaded two versions of the logo - #107 and #108. Let me know if you'd like to see more changes. Best regards, Iridith