Sequoia MD

This was a fantastic experience. Lots of great designers, lots of great designs-- the hardest part was choosing. Designers were extremely creative and responsive to feedback. I'll be back next time I need a design project done.

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Winning design #142 by DesignBear, Logo Design for Sequoia MD Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignBear

Project description

This logo will be for an innovative direct primary care medical practice. In exchange for a fixed monthly fee, patients are given as much access to the doctor as needed. This can come in the form of office visits, telephone calls, emails, text messaging, or videoconferencing. Because overhead is much lower, the amount of time that can be spent with each patient is much higher. The model focuses on a very high level of care and service at an affordable, fixed monthly cost.
The practice combines an old fashioned idea (time with the doctor, longitudinal relationship, direct payment for services) with modern technology that enables care and a long-term relationship.

For many people people feel like a cog in the healthcare machine. We are explicitly focused on treating everyone as an individual, and delivering very personalized care.

Many of the patient we see struggle with addiction, or are otherwise marginalized. The logo should communicate hope, optimism, growth and recovery.

Other design parameters:
-1 or 2 colors, distinctive but not too strong. Design must look good in a monochrome.
-distinct and easy to recognize
- written name incorporated into the design, although it would be nice to be able to break the logo apart, so that there is a logical way of displaying the image alone, or the image with the name (for example, Nike swoosh alone vs Nike Swoosh followed by the word "Nike")
-would like to see sequoia tree into the design
-please do not directly focus on traditional medical imagery, although ok if this is indirectly suggested (not required)

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  • updated #218
  • updated #217
  • updated #216
  • could you please try with capital S, capital MD, and the rest of the letters lower case? Also, a black and white version?
    Thanks #180
  • can you try this in a font similar to #58?
    Thanks #147
  • Can you try with a the font in bold please? #168
  • I like the graphic. Can you please change the font, I find it difficult to read. Also, try having only S and MD in capital letters.
    Thanks #169
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made the changes, I hope you like it. If other changes are required, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. #170
  • Could you please try a version of this with the font all one color, capital S lowercase equoia and capital MD?
    Thanks #130
  • could you try a version of this with the text all one color?
    Thanks #147
  • Two Sequoia trees. it's leaves resembles the molecules to indirectly associate it to a medical service, and a the same time the people/patients you attend care. below is a sample how it would look like in monochrome. #167
  • Hello! I hope you will enjoy. If you need any changes, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. Thank you. #166
  • Caps version of the same font, just for comparison if caps is preferred. #160
  • Slight variant on the same font, using a Medium weight and making a clearer distinction between Sequoia and MD. #159
  • Plz check updated file # 153 with black and white version.
  • updated #153
  • I like that the tree is very clearly a sequoia. Given the design, the trees clumped together feels cluttered. Also, the veining in the tree is too much. #137
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made monochrome colors. I hope you will enjoy. If other changes are required, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. #130
  • can you please try a version with some sort of line under the trees (see #113, #73, #91)
    Thanks #108
  • I like a lot of the design elements of this design, but it looks too much like a resort logo. #110