Shelters by OCS

After some time getting the correct format to the files I am satisfied with the result.

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Winning design #24 by cp105bc, Logo Design for Shelters by OCS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cp105bc

Project description

We provide in-garage storm shelters, safe rooms, concrete slope top shelters, and concrete safe rooms built into the foundation.  

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  • if i was to choose this entry would i be able to change the colors on my own? depending on what background I use I want to use different color schemes. #24
    • @willsavage yes you can :)

    • @cp105bc how will I do this? When you send me the files will I be able to change colors on it using my computer? Im a little new at this

    • @willsavage I will give you a files. Hold on

    • @cp105bc I can send you a file and you can copy the file.

    • @cp105bc when the time left and I will sent you ai files on email. But this won't work send the file on this site :)

    • @cp105bc I done it before :)

    • @cp105bc so what info you need from me?

    • @willsavage If you choose me and I can email you the files on design content site :)

    • @cp105bc If you confuse. Let me know so I can help you.

  • Hi there.Could you please check out my design, #58? Many thanks.
  • could you try a couple different tornados?
    • About #10, @willsavage Hi, I submit new design with different tornados.
      Now you can see my new entry #43
      Hope you like it.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  • This is a good start. Can you add some color, preferably red #34
    • About #34, @willsavage Yes.

    • @willsavage
      #35 #36 #37 I added red color in the logo. If something needs to be changed, please contact me

  • This is a good start. Can you add some color, preferably red #34
  • Please check the design. I understood your brief? If something needs to be changed, please contact me. #34
  • Thanks for the invite. Here's my entry for your evaluation. #30
  • Please feedback for #28 design. I took circle spots off from tornado. Hope it looks better...
  • hello, I uploaded design #24 without background grey and colors. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you very much..
  • hi, I uploaded #23. Hope you like new colors. it too much red? Please feedback. Thank you...
  • This is a great design. We really like it. If you could try with a couple different color patterns that would be great. Im thinking it def needs some red in it. I like the colors of entry #15. also if "OCS" could be a little bigger "by" can stay the same size. can we try without grey background. Thanks and god work #17
    • Thank you for feedback. I will work on it.
      About #17, @willsavage

  • hello, I uploaded new design #19. Please feedback. Thank you.
  • Please tell me if you want something to change. Thank you :) #18
  • hello willsavage, I uploaded design #17. Hope i'm on the right track. Please feedback. Thank you very much.
  • I do like the style, but I am really wanting a Shield covering up a tornado and the co. name on the shield. I wrote a couple of comments with what I am looking for. Thanks #6
    • Thank you for feedback. I've submitted #15 based on your comments. Please let me know if you need any modifications.

  • About #13, Sorry i forgot ''s'' . I will fix it now
  • Hi, how do you like this design? I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you :) #12
    • @Danijel_Design You are on the right track. If you could maybe try a couple different tornados and a stronger looking font that is straight up and down. I also like the straight up and down logo over the one with the tilt. Im looking for it to look good on a shirt and I like the letters to be very visible, thanks for your time.

    • @willsavage You'r welcome ,sure i'll try. Just one question, can you make the contest blind? Because of other designers not to copy each other. Tnx

  • You are on the right track. I think I would like the shield to be centered over the tornado and maybe a stronger looking shield with rivets and maybe a flatter bottom. #8
  • I am really looking for a tornado being covered up by a shield with "Shelters by OCS" in 3 lines on the shield. I wrote a couple comments about what I am looking for. I like your first entry but that is really what I am needing. #1
  • What separates us from the competition is our "ShelterShield" which is a spray liner we put on all of our shelters to protect from mother nature. So I am really looking to use that shield in the logo preferably in front for a tornado.