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Winning design #494 by Sasha_T, Logo Design for Shine Chiropractic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sasha_T

Project description

Shine Chiropractic is owned by Dr. Lake. Dr. Lake's passion is providing chiropractic care to each one's body, thus giving innate the ability to heal the body from the inside outwards. Dr. Lake guides patients towards understanding the function of their bodies while teaching the importance of the nervous system. She believes that together we can clear destructive cellular memory, and correct neurological interferences with chiropractic and wellness techniques.

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  • Can I see this with the spine pulled down a bit out of the leaves? #182
    • About #182, @shinechiropracticdsm
      one hour before the time limit you provide feedback. and at that time I was in the offline state. if there is extra time, I will give you desire. thank you

  • I have made the suggested color change, hope it fine now...Thanks! #503
  • Can I see this with the green toned down a bit? Thanks! #498
  • can i also see this with a white background a variation of my color schemes? See #334 for color inspiration on a white background. Thanks! So close! #493
  • Best foot forward...Hope you like it! #498
  • can i see this in a monochrome format? Thanks! #456
  • Can we darken up the green here a tad? I'm liking this one a lot. #387
    • About #387, @shinechiropracticdsm
      I have made changes. New design is uploaded.

  • check this one please.. i hope you like it #490
  • thanks for your comment ,yes of course i will change it
  • Hope you like it #479
  • CXC
    new idea #465
  • CXC
    new idea #462
  • CXC
    New idea Mandala style #459
  • Could you change the clover to maybe a mandala? Or a sun? #174
  • circular i head...hope you like it... #451
  • hope you like it! #450
  • I love this cursive font, can we see this in a thinner cursive front too? love this so much! #387
  • green brown.... #448
  • About #387, @Sasha_T Can I see this in a variety of colors i provided? I'd also like to see this on a black background. Can i see this monochrome?
  • Can I get this with the idea of a half mandala from the H to the N on the top? Can you remove the leaves too? #137