Shockwave CO2 (we capture the bubbles for beer and soda!)

TJgraphics was great, really responsive, and had some pretty clean-line aesthetics. His concepts were spot-on and he actually led the pack among all designers in the contest he participated in. In fact, it was interesting to see several designers start copying and improving upon his designs after his initial submissions. It just goes to show that he "got" our concept early on and was the leader in the pack with every other designer chasing. In the end, there were several great designs. But we ended up choosing TJgrahpics's because it was still the one that most closely resembled the concept we wanted.

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Winning design #105 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Shockwave CO2 (we capture the bubbles for beer and soda!) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

Looking for a logo  that creatively combines the imagery of a shockwave pattern with a CO2 molecule (see picture ideas attached). Logo needs to have the words "Shockwave CO2" (our company's name) in it.  We want a creative, techy, but professional looking logo. Open to different color schemes and styles, although like the idea of stainless steel (metallic coloring) as that is what we build our technology with with something that pops for the CO2 part.  

Shockwave CO2 is a technology that turns a food factory's smoke/exhaust emissions into food-grade CO2  gas that they need to make beer, soda and other stuff. Food companies that have boilers and need CO2 for their operations can reduce their carbon emissions (go green!) and cut their CO2 costs by recycling  their own smoke. 

Please see the sample imagery attached of the shockwave pattern and CO2 molecule idea that we want to combine into our logo. 

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  • We had a holiday weekend here in the U.S. We have two finalists. Please be patient with us as we continue to choose the winner.
  • Keep your originality, not copying someone else design to improve your design. #91
    • @saturachan What? if you review all the designs, I'm the first to submit this kind of design .. The 3D, the bubbles and the color scheme...the CH rated my first entry with the highest score and almost everyone copied it...And FYI, the CH ask me to rotate my design 45 degrees... Please review the entries before you post such comment... Thanks:)

    • Is the Ch ask you also copying my shockwave ring effect put inside the 3D black circle? I don,t think so. you just copied it to improve your design. I already know the ch ask you to rotate you design what i am asking for it why you copy my shockwave ring effect?

    • @saturachan Oh! It was the ring. Can't you see the difference between our rings? grabe naman par! magkaiba tayo alam mo yun...

  • Nice font work, can you make text a bit taller so easier to read and can you pop it onto a biz card so we can see full effect? Thanks! #105
    • @kia_song Hi CH, Sorry for the late response. I just got up of bed and read your comment.

  • Thank you all for your entries. We are discussing internally and selecting a winner based on tournament style 1v1 single elimination. Please give us 24 hours to deliberate.
  • Can you make shockwave red in color and see how that looks? #45
    • Of course. I'll upload few more variations of red and black. #45

  • Hi @kia_song
    here's another revision, hope you like it #92
  • Can you try another creative font for the text part? #85
  • Can you come up with another creative font for the text part? #80
  • Can you tilt logo 45 degrees? #85
  • Can you tilt the logo to 45 degree in this top bottom arrangement? Similar to 82, but keep it tilted at the top? #81
  • Here's another revision
    Thank you for your feedback #88
  • Really like your font in this one. Can you move graphic on top like you did for #80 #82
  • Can you try to reduce the amount of bubbles? Really like the "momentum" feel of the bubbles. My concern is the look when the logo is small like on a business card #71
  • The O in CO2 needs to be same size as the C. Make WAVE same font. Also, the two O molecules in the molecule logo still do not look the same because of darker border from the lettering of the O in SHOCK. I like your scattering of bubbles. Can you try extending out the waves and use only 3 or 4 waves so that part is shorter? #74
  • Like the move of the wave to the top, but dark background is not practical for us. Can you try to do same against a white background? Also, less bubbles because it make the logo hard to read #72
  • Here is a revision of previous entry, what do you think about it?
  • Love the shockwave halo effect of top one. Possible to see the molecule "inside" the shockwave surrounded by bubbles? Also love the uniqueness of the font, but concerned that at smaller sizes (like biz card), it is too flat and hard to read, can you make it a bit more vertical? CO2 word needs to be same size as shockwave #67
  • Please mirror flip this image so bubbles on right and leave everything else same #23
  • Please get rid of big bubble in the back. Try text below logo so not so long. Like the all upper case text you used in #19. Make crescents a bit thicker so it looks like the shockwave has no kick to it! #38
  • Really creative with the "A". There should be only one set of waves. Please try getting rid of bottom waves and adding a 3rd crescent to the top red wave. #52