Our designer Sandra was great. She made many revisions and was very helpful and creative in her designs. Sandra was really the only designer who did not seem like an amateur. I wish the site owner would look back on all of the designs that were submitted to my contest...they were mediocre at best and clearly were submitted by unskilled designers. We are happy with the experience we had only because of our designer Sandra.


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Winning design #109 by Jera, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jera

Project description

Hi! We are launching our website shortly and need a modern/professional logo for our company. We are an online retailer of footwear for all genders and ages. The font should be modern and the logo should be footwear oriented in some capacity.

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  • The font is still not very modern. Also the emblem is not very modern.
  • Hi, We are looking for a very modern look. The font needs to be updated. Also, can the SC be more visible in the image?
  • This logo is our old logo which we are trying to get away from.
  • Logo does not look modern and does not meet our requirements.
  • Logo does not look modern and does not meet our requirements.
  • Not quite what we are looking for. Font needs to be more modern and we don't care for the footprint image.
  • Hi, Thank you for your revisions. It is much appreciated. Would it be possible to test this logo with other fonts. Possibly with a font like moderneveryday .com. Also, it would be great to see some other ideas/concepts you have for an emblem. Not everyone here loves the logo but I think we are on the right track!
    • Hello dear Matt! I have uploaded couple of revisions for you - #54, #55 & #56. I am looking forward to your opinion. I shall continue to work, to see if I can come up with some other concepts too. Thank you! Best regards.

    • Hi, Thank you very much. You are very creative in your designs. We are still not 100% on any of the logos but your designs have been the closest. Please let us know if we can help with further information. Thanks!

  • Difficult to read the company name in this logo
  • Hi Thank you for your submission. Can we make all one line and also not to make the e and C overlap? I would like to see how this would look. I like your ideas, if you could please come up with a few more concepts we would appreciate to see the different things you come up with. Thanks
    • Dear Matt, thank you very much for your feedback and opportunity. Here are design with revision - #46 & #47, and as well new design proposals #48 & #49 (here I have changed the logo icon - I have shaped letter C to look like both C & S). I am hoping you will take these in consideration. If you have any suggestions, please let me now. Kind regards.

  • This looks more for a computer company than online footwear retailer
  • This looks more for a computer company than online footwear retailer
  • This looks more for a computer company than online footwear retailer
  • Hi Thank you for submitting. The logo's you are designing have not been what we are looking for and I don't think your design style will work. Both the fonts and emblems do not work. Thank you for your time.
  • Hi Thank you very much for sending more logos. These look more like a computer company than an online footwear retailer.
  • Interesting design but not the type of logo we are aiming for. I'd best describe what we are looking for as modern and brandable. This has some branding element to it but the design is not for us.
  • The logo's you are making do not have any brand identity. We are looking for modern/original.
  • We are not interested in this concept.
  • Hi, The emblems being created are not very brand descriptive. Someone should be able to look at an emblem and identify it with a brand. There have not been any logo concepts yet which are able to convey a real brand logo.
  • hello matt can you please make the contest blind so no one copy any one design and you receive original design thanks
  • Hello Thank you for Your feed-back. Understood everything. When I will do, everything I will place.