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Winning design #268 by DavArt, Logo Design for Shopkeeper Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DavArt

Project description

The logo has be serious enough, to be considered suitable for a large corporation, but at the same time it has to match our current website style, which is not so formal. 

It has to match provided web app style (attached).
We don't like thin lines or thin fonts.
Also no boxes around the logo please.
No Amazon references of any kind, no orange color, no Amazon fonts.

There are two colors that you can use for the designs.
  • #4f5468 - dark grey  (and change with white on dark background in Favicon and Mockup)
  • #35c382 - green (always stays green)

p.s. Logo has to look readable when scaled small.

Please submit:
  1. Logo on white background
  2. Favicon/App Icon, using only one symbol or one letter, or something minimal like that, which closely resembles the symbols used in the logo, on #4f5468 or #35c382 background (whichever looks better with your logo)
  3. Logo mockup on provided homepage image, replacing current logo in two places. 

Shopkeeper means a store owner, merchant, vendor. 
Our customers own a store online, and make money by selling their products in their online shops.
Our app is a bookkeeping, accounting app - it calculates profits, shows revenue, has graphs and numbers on the dashboard. 

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