Show Off Your Awesome

The designer I selected as the winner, was great to work with and worked to tweak the design as needed. He was both talented and professional. I can't say I found exactly what I wanted here. I had to extend my contest an additional 7 days just to get a wider variety of designs.

$275 paid

105 custom designs

100pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #48 by rezaray, Logo Design for Show Off Your Awesome Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rezaray

Project description

This is an online store that offers a creative way for people to show appreciation. We're looking for something fun and modern that appeals to adults but still has a fun quirky vibe. Costumes are involved and can be incorporated into the logo. Think costume accessories (crown, cape, sunglasses). 

The logo could also be reminiscent of a superhero emblem with emphasis on the name of the business: Show Off Your Awesome. Please no superman shaped designs, "pow," "bang" star-shapes, or other cliche' superhero symbols (See examples). This design should be unique and appeal to adults. 

The colors can be adjusted as needed.

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  • Dear CH,
    Please check my design
    Thanks #97
  • clean,no white stripes #87
  • Hello , this is my proposal for this Great contest, hope you are still open for proposals #76
  • revised design, navy blue #60
  • new design, hope you like it :) #55
  • About #40, @nvillegas Can you alter the colors on this to dark turquoise, navy, and yellow. Instead of having the splatter around the word your, can you put it around the word awesome?
  • using darker color #42
  • on t-shirt mock up #41
  • About #36, @rezaray I like this one as well. SOYA is a trademarked name and can't be used in the logo. Can it be replaced with something else?
    • @showoffyourawesome ok, will change it with an icon

  • Please check.
    Thank you. #35
  • Please check.
    Thank you. #34
  • Please check this revision.
    Thank you. #29
  • Dear CH, I submitted this entry just being able to post a comment. system did not let me make a request. (kept giving error)
    thank you for invitation and I would like to work on your project but can you make the contest blind? kind regards, #26
  • About #13, @showoffyourawesome
    Yes, i'll work something out
    Thanks for the feedback
  • This is the line I'm referring to #8
  • Can the emblem be bigger and more detailed? #11
    • About #11, @showoffyourawesome
      Please sir any more feed back or changes.thanks

  • revised design #13
    • Is there a way that it could have a tweaked shape and different colors? Maybe turquoise and yellow?About #13, @rezaray

  • Instead of the lines surrounding the word awesome, can the be stars or dots? #11
  • I like this. Can the emblem portion be bigger, maybe a different font for the name, and can the name be across the emblem somehow? #16
  • How about with this design? #14