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I'm looking for something modern, funky and simple.. Color wise, I'd like it Blue font on white background. I'd like the logo- on a cinema screen with a few seats. I'd like the font to be subtle, simple, yet professional. Nothing complex, simplicity is the key.

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  • Love where you're getting at and the tone of the logo. Love how you have personalized the audience members. Very creative. Though from afar it looks like a missing piece of a puzzle and not a theatre.. Maybe change that a little..
  • thanks for the flattering feedback ch. ill see what i can do with the colors, thanks again.
  • Hey, thanks for your design. I like the simplicity, but don't like the grey on biz and net and don't like what you did to the O. It's good that you're trying different things though. See how you go with this feedback..
  • Love it. No feedback yet. I'll just keep it the way it is, so for now you can just sit back. Love the simplicity, subtle nature of it and how personal and professional it looks. Well done!
  • Love it, love it, love it. I've got nothing bad to say about this. maybe try something a little different with the colors for the sake of it, otherwise, i just need a few days to have a think. Well done!!
  • Love it. Simple, professional looking and modern. I just need a day or two to sleep over it. But for now, if you could eliminate the white shade and make the font either black or white. Love it though. Top 3 so far.
  • Great first draft. I just don't like the color grey, the curtains don't do it for me and the font needs to be a little more distinct. Otherwise, I like the seats and the guy sitting there and love where you're going with it.
  • Hey, I like it as a first draft but for now, my only feedback is that it's a little too square and symmetrical. Maybe make it a little more unpredictable. Keep it up.
  • Interesting, but too much happening in the logo. Try to simplify it a little more and try to merge the font with the pic. Also, the font is too basic. Maybe something a little strong. and too many chairs. I do like it as a first draft though.
  • I just had a look at your portfolio and you're definitely talented enough to do better. I really love the simplicity and subtle nature of this logo and like how you're thinking outside the box with the film strip but the film strip is not really what I'm looking for, though there is something else I'd like to use it for and will discuss that with you separately.. Meanwhile, try something different long the lines of cinema and try to use more blue. Thanks!
  • Very basic font and design. I like it that you're thinking outside the box, but I don't get the impression that this will stand out from the crowd. It looks basic and not professional enough. Try something different if you'd like...
  • Thanks for submitting your logo. It's interesting but it is trying too hard to stand out and is not sophisticated and subtle enough. I like the colour combination though. Also, not a fan of the font. It doesn't make it seem like a big, professional and respected company. I think you can do better!
  • Thanks for the design, my feedback is as follows- too basic, too simple. Found it hard to read the name on the screen, not modern enough and i don't like the black surrounding it. I'll give you another chance. See how you go with something different.
  • Hi CH! my entries are #5 #6 #7. professional, modern , and essential! if you want change something i'm to disposition. Joliet.
  • #40 other version of number #7 ,this is the unpredictable version! I hope you like it! Joliet
  • Hi, love the tone of the logo, can you just remove the gray shades/lines from the pic? I don't want any gray on my logo.. don't change the font and style though.. just take off the gray..
  • Hi again, I have uploaded 6 files. Just a quick explanation of what they are in case you are unaware: - 2 jpegs - one with the original gradient background - one plain white - 2 Illustrator files (.AI) - one CMYK color mode to be used for print - one RGB color mode to be used for the web Within both of the Illustrator files, there is a layer called "background gradient" which can be turned on and off to switch between the 2 background types. - 2 Encapsulated PostScript files (.EPS) - one CMYK color mode to be used for print - one RGB color mode to be used for the web These are similar to the .AI files but with greater software flexibility. If there are any other file types you would like to have, just let me know. If not, thanks again and best of luck with the website, I look forward to seeing it up and running :) Cheers, cbeaudin
  • Hey molleralex, thanks for choosing my design, I'm glad you like it. I will try to get the files to you by the end of the day, and if you ever need further design work done I would love to be involved. Thanks again :)
  • Hey cbeaudin, congrats! Love your work and looking forward to maybe working with you in the future. Meanwhile, when you're sending the files, can you also send me a version with a white background? Thanks bud and thanks for the great design!
  • Just so you all know this was an extremely close contest and it was very hard for me to choose.. THanks for all the contestants.. You're all so talented!