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Winning design #73 by CKS, Logo Design for Sign Design Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CKS

Project description

A fresh logo for Sign Design Associates, Incorporated. We answer the phone Sign Design, so the thrust should be on Sign Design. I would like a simple clean font with a symbol possibly using the S or SD in it.

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  • Dear CH, Please check my entry #53 & #54 i hope this will really work and i hope you like it.. Thanks, Sincerely, watz
  • your design/entry is identical to another designers entry in this contest
  • Dear CH, I've made a new concept #50. A feedback will be appreciated. Thanks, Best Regards
  • Thank you for this design but it too is spelled wrong it's: SIGN not SING Thank you
  • The n and g in sign are transposed. thank you
  • CKS
    Thank you again for your review! Hope you like this new entry #32 Regards.Erick
  • I like the notch in the UC I and the color slash on the UC E the symbol and logo could stand alone. I designed a lot of logos over the years, just couldn't seem to do my own fresh. Our old one was so dated. Can you try a different color scheme, I do like this but I was leaning towards a blue green. Also maybe a layout w the text larger below it w the symbol centered above it. I'd also like to see what it would look like in a horizontal format for time that we may need to fit in a rectangular area. Thanks much appreciated.
  • CKS
    Thank you for the feedback. New entry #29 for your review, any changes please let me know. Regards. Erick
  • I like the SD incorporated together, name hard to read, maybe a few variations on it? Thank you
  • It's a little hard to make out the sd however it's a good idea Thanks
  • CKS
    Hello CH, hope get your review on my entry #22 Regards. Erick
  • Dear CH, this is my concept for yor logo design #9 Looking forward for your feedback, Thanks Regards
  • about #3 i hope that one fits better to you. if not - please tell me what to change. thank you :)
  • hi :) please have a look at my logo #1 .. i can also put it on a black background if you want. i thinks it would look great too. i think it would be better if you change this contest into a blind contest. but thats your decision.
  • I accidentaly wrote b instead of d in #103 but it is not the problem to repair that if you choose my design. Regards.
  • DEAR CH, Lets,i make simple #94 ,and waiting for your remark THANK YOU
  • Dear CH, About entries #53,#54,#55 & #56 thanks for the rating ill really appreciate it..thanks.. And Please take a look with my new design #88,#89,#90,#91,#92 & #93 i made it simple and clean that is fit on your company i hope you like it them all and if you want some changes i'm open to changes it...thanks again!!!!Godbless.. sincerely, watz
  • I like 32 but I really like the slant on the S symbol on 73...I'm not sure which text I like better. Nice design. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, i made some improvements about my logo. The logo is #70. Feedback is always appreciated. Onno
  • I like this but I think the symbol might be too tall and skinny thank you