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Winning design #125 by karl2013, Logo Design for Signature Property Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by karl2013

Project description

Would like to be able to wrap enclosed equipment trailers(7x16 and 6x12).  Would like to have a logo that could be used for business cards incorporated into the design.  The company is a residential remodeling and maintenance based business.  

With the logo on the rear top section of the trailer maybe split the side of the trailer on a diagonal (but not corner to corner) using a cool transition going from white on rear section and full or solid color design to work with logo then incorporate the following.

Bullet points 

Heading of 

Additions & Decks
- Kitchens & Baths
- Wood Floors & Tile
- Windows & Doors
- Built-Ins & Shelving

Bullets points 

Heading of 

General Maintenance
- Rot Repairs
- Deck Repair
- Roof & Gutter Cleaning
- Pressure Washing
- Painting

Throw a phone number on it 843-XXX-XXXX (to be changed later)

 Licensed - Bonded - Insured


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  • kindly check this one sir
    thank you:) #128
  • kindly check this one sir the back truck design:) #127
  • kindly check my business card design i hope you like it
    thank you:) #126
  • kindly check this one sir i change the background
    thank you:) #125
  • Can you do business card also like entry #92 but 2 sided with the black in #122 on the back. Name above Phone #

    Brad Peludat
    843.259.8714 #122
    • @sigpropsolutions thank you very much sir :-) i'm working on it sir

  • Once background is change I think we'll go with it. #122
  • try this link - #122
  • try this link - #122
  • About #124, @newlightdesigns.001 I am working on a house to put on the lighter section
  • thank you very much for the feedback and high ratings :) if possible can you upload some image a modern houses room can be use to your logo background in order to prevent the use of stock photo ? thank you:) #122
  • Hi,

    hope for some feedback #121
  • I see you like the wave and 3d effects. I'll try my best before the deadline.. Can you tell me if the new additions is a part of the logo or just a slogan?
    • @newlightdesigns.001 the background of the black section is of an office could you use modern house room instead of conference room. And remove chimney off left side of logo. Don't change the logo except for the 3d effects. I'm about to pull the trigger on your design.

  • remove chimney on left side #102
  • Can you use a modern house room picture instead of office and let the image bleed through a little more? #102
  • Let's go with one chimney right side on logo. #109
  • hello sir please check this one the back door design i hope you like it
    thank you:) #109
  • here's the another 3d version i hope you like it:)
    thank you:) #108
  • This is great. Make ph# 843 259 8714. Make design for back door with the logo on the all gray shadow backdrop with the ph #.
    Can you try using the 3d logo from entry 95 instead of the 2d. So I can see both. #103
    • About #103, @sigpropsolutions thank you sir:) what is the size of the back door sir?

    • About #103, @karl2013 7'x7'

    • About #103, @sigpropsolutions sir the logo of #95 is only a mock up presentation:)

  • kindly check this one sir:)
    thank you #103
  • hello sir thank you again to your feedback :) please check my revisions i hope i'm on the right direction:)
    thank you very much:) #102