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Winning design #175 by GAKA, Logo Design for Silver Brick Management Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

I am changing my name from Silver Brick Management Solutions to Silver Brick Sales Solutions.   I like my current logo but would like to make enhancements if possible with the name change included as well.  

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  • Great. Can we go back to the dark blue? The full name is now Silver Brick Sales Solutions. #175
  • This is also very good. Can you show me the name to the right of the logo? Also can you change the word "Brick" to Blue? Thanks. #142
    • About #142, @neal_benedict
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • LOGO
    silver colour on logo is initial name "SB"

    i give word Brick with reactangle because that is "brick" #168
  • please feedback #159
  • please feedback #158
  • Hi, Sir,.
    Please check my design,.
    Thanxs #152
  • dear Sir,
    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #142
  • Thank you. This is great. Can you split the two half's apart just like the original design?
    • About #138, @neal_benedict
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • feedback please #140
  • sorry sir, maybe this is what you mean, sir please give feedback #138
  • Hi, have you tried to make every other brick silver and then blue? Thanks.
    • About #78, @neal_benedict
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • Can you make the blue a dark blue and the inner "bricks" a true silver?
    • About #51, @neal_benedict

    • About #51, @neal_benedict

    • About #51, @neal_benedict

    • About #51, @neal_benedict
      please check this link
      if you need any change please get feedback

    • About #51, @neal_benedict
      please check

    • About #51, @neal_benedict sir please check #133,#134,#135. thanks

  • This is my proposal 3 #131
  • Can you place the silver brick on the bottom, and use Blue and Silver Text and can you offset the logo to the left of the text?
    • About #68, @neal_benedict Hi, Thanks for the comments that you have given.
      I've already submitted a revised design.
      Please check #115, #116, #117 and #118

      Thank you

      Best regards

  • Hello.

    Thanks for your correction about my work.
    This my next concept for you.
    Hope you like.
    Feedback me for more.
    Thank you #113
  • Sorry I don't think I was clear. I was thinking that every other brick would be blue and then silver. Silver the blue one after another. #110
  • Also can you make the text a bit more sleek and professional?
    • About #78, @neal_benedict
      sure sir..

  • Is it possible to stagger the bricks on both sides with silver and blue?
    • About #78, @neal_benedict
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • This is my proposal 1a #107