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Winning design #265 by Egon, Logo Design for Silver Coast Properties - Est Real Estate Agent! Contest
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designed by Egon

Project description

Silver Coast Properties ( is a leading real estate agency selling luxury properties solely on the Silver Coast in Portugal. We are looking to completely re-launch the company to become a world-class premier property agency. Silver Coast Properties is well established and has been running for over 10 years, however we are looking to start with a blank canvas and create something unique and sophisticated that sets us apart from the competitors. Further background: Silver Coast Properties is affiliated with Prai D'El Rey ( which is one of the worlds foremost 5* golf and beach resorts. Silver Coast Properties is in fact the official re-sales agency. However, it is an independent company and this should be reflected in its branding - it’s current brand/identity is far too similar to that of Praia D’El Rey and this is something we wish to change! The main type of properties sold are luxurious residential second homes yet, the entrance price point varies from 200k euros up to over 2 million euros. There are currently a handful of agencies that are very similar in the area and as previously mentioned we want to set ourselves apart from these. Our mandate is to create a prestigious, sophisticated and trusted brand that reinforces the company’s reputation. As such, we require a logo and brand identify to reflect this. Unlike our competitors, Silver Coast Properties specialise in the sale of properties ONLY situated on the Silver Coast of Portugal - It is important that this is reflected in its brand/logo design. To give an idea of what we like and dislike please see below. Please note that these are just examples and not to be copied. I will add more as the competition runs. DISLIKE Rey Estates - local competitor - we dislike the cheap and tacky feel to this website and brand as a whole. LIKE Atlas Property Portugal - local competitor - we like the overall look and feel of their website/brand as it has been tastefully put together. But Dislike the logo as it is far too generic with no link to the Silver Coast/Portugal. Maximilianhof - Please see file attached. We love the sophisticated and delicate feel of this logo. Ducat Place III - Please see file attached. Project Lion - Please see file attached. We love you use of the lion/crest. The Private Office - Please see file attached. we really like the clean and simple design of this logo. But our logo will need to include some color! Eqwater - Please file attached. We really like to contrast between the two colors used and also their pastel tones! Du Parc - Please see file attached. Really like the design element in this logo. If we could incorporate something from the Silver Coast/Portugal like this it could work well. No.1 Bishopsgate - Please see file attached. Love the chosen font and also spacing. The Oak - Please see file attached. Love the natural element - use of the leaves. Love the layout and also font. Outlet Village - Please see file attached. Again, I like how clear this logo is - very strong identity which is also important for our new logo. Signal Palace - Please see file attached. Like the more abstract incorporation of the initials into the natural element. Silver Coast - Hearts logo - Please see file attached. We created this in-house. We were trying to move away from the blue as it doesn't feel sophisticated at all. WEBSITE/LOGOS WE LIKE 1. Pure International - Love the simplicity of their logo and brand. Subtle coloring provide a nod to skiing which is their specialty. 2. Carlton International - Again, love the crest! Instantly adds heritage and sophistication. We do not have a crest - but incorporation elements that scream Portugal could work well. i.e. Portuguese Tile Designs etc 3. Quintessentially Estates - Not sure about this logo. I like the elements i.e. color, font etc but not sure I like the graphic! Any questions please feel free to contact me! Good luck : )

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  • #21 - thank you for your submission. I'm afraid this isn't quite what we are looking for. It's important that the graphic is relevant. Best, Sam
  • #20 - thank you for your submission. I prefer the white version, but feel it is a little abstract. We want our logo to have a strong link to Portugal and this needs to be represented in the graphical element. Best, Sam
  • #16 - Thank you for your submission. I like what you have created and the way you have incorporated the different elements highlighted in our brief. Size might be an issue and I still feel the luxury/sophistication level still needs to go up a notch!
  • #14 - I think yes to both. Will look forward to seeing the results. Thanks
  • #14 would you like me to work more on the map icon or incorporate a different type of icon that relates more to property but in the same style & colour.
  • #14 - Thank you for your design. I like the choice of colour but I'm not sure the map in isolation works... feels a little too abstract.
  • Hi, Please see no.14 & 18. I have done a maroon colour to make it more luxurious & followed a similar style to the samples put up. Please let me know if its too corporate or if your looking for brighter colours?
  • #17 - I think it could look better if you incorporated graphics that we relevant to ; selling property, the Silver Coast, Portugal etc etc. Best, Sam
  • #15 - thank you for your submission. I like elements of your design but I'm not sure about the colour pallet. It also looks a little too cluttered! May look better if you only used one of the two graphics... top or bottom? Best, Sam
  • Sam, I am implementing the sea, an anchor and the portuguese tiles to the concept for your identity brand. I hope this is to your liking.
  • #9 - thank you for your submission. I like what you have designed here but I am not sure it suits the luxurious & sophistication of our business. We sell high end real estate and have been doing so in Portugal for 10 years. Our current brand needs a lot of work... we are looking for a logo that will be representative of our success & excellent reputation.
  • #13 - Thank you for the update. I preferred your previous designs - they were much cleaner. Can you take a look at the suggestions we made as your current designs are not moving in the right direction as far as the brief goes. Check out the logo we created ourselves... Silver Coast Heart logo as well as the other examples attached. All the best, Sam
  • Design #13 by Take a look my updated entry.. In which i 'd use line effect. Thanks Adnan
  • #10 - thanks for your submission. I like what you have done but It feels very corporate - I've added some files to provide a clearer definition of our definition 'sophisticated'. Best Sam
  • Design #10 by Here are my initial entry. In which i 'd try to incorporate your company initials and real estate symbol. Take a look and let me know if you need any modification in it. Also give rating PLZ. Regards
  • Thank you for your submission. I like what you have done here. I think it could still do with a little work... think the elements to be a little more delicate. Best, Sam
  • Thanks again. Prefer the previous version... this is a little too busy after including the roof top!
  • hello, can I see this with a few colour variations? Also, it could look good if you incorporated a graphic element that was more linked to the Silver Coast or Portugal. I've added some thoughts on this in the brief. Thanks, Sam
  • hello and thank you for your submission. Like before, It feels too much like a travel company logo I'm afraid. We are looking for something more sophisticated. Please see uploaded designs. Best, Sam
  • hello and thank you for your submission. It feels too much like a traval company logo I'm afraid. We are looking for something more sophisticated. Please see uploaded designs. Best, Sam