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Using DesignContest was not only interesting and successful, but also exciting. For a business owner to see so many options in a short amount of time is helpful and useful. It allowed me to think about how I wanted to present my image and the many ideas posted assisted me. I have to admit that checking the contest page can become obsessive as there are new designs posted at all hours of the day and night! This is an ideal way to see visual designs side-by-side and get the best leverage for your design budget. I also appreciate the support from DesignContest via live chat. Thank you very much.

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Winning design #103 by mbokndewor, Logo Design for Silver Kitchen Catering Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mbokndewor

Project description

Logo for catering company:

Silver Kitchen Catering in Norwich, Vermont, USA, sets a high standard in creating healthy, original, and delectable recipes. We use favorite and creative ingredients, with an emphasis on Local, Regional, and Mediterranean specialities. Seasonally fresh and locally grown foods are incorporated as much as possible. 

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  • dsf #185
  • fdsf #184
  • fd #183
  • simple yet professional look #182
  • feedback Please in this design #181
  • Feedback Required #177
  • simple design with non overused fonts choice #174
  • Feedback required #172
  • from the hands of the local farmers to your Vermont Event, hope you like it :) #148
  • I like this design. I'd like to see the line under the initials look like a plate...and correct spelling of catering. #112
    • @silverkitchencatering please check #139 . hope you like it.

  • @silverkitchencatering hi good day please check #142 #141 #140 without the cover. what do you think? hope you like it.
  • Hi - I really like this as well as your design #103. Can you put the initials on the plate with the leaves? I like it better without the plate cover but want the initials...Thanks! #128
  • PLease give me some feedback,.thank you :) #122
  • @silverkitchencatering please check #117 and #112 . What do you think? hope you like it.:)
  • please sir, any comment on #108
  • I like the tomato and parsley, but not the chef's hat. I'd like to see a different font for the name. #83
    • About #83, @silverkitchencatering
      Hello CH,
      Thank you for your feedback, i have uploaded new versions of these designs with two different fonts.

      best regards,
      Lotus Blue

  • Hi worldesign, We like this design. Can you show us a different font? #70
  • Hi mboknde, I keep coming back to your design. Can you remove the plate, fork, and knife and exchange it with another image, maybe of a serving dish? I really like the font and the initials with leaf. #60
  • I really like the dish and fork idea. I'd like to see a different font. #77
    • Thanks for feedback. Please check #95 and #96 for the variations of the fonts.

  • I like the initials, but not the chef's hat. I'd like to see a different font for the name. #82