Silverback Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Contest went very well and I am pleased with the result! I was happy to see that Design Contest support was great in filtering out some clip art submissions during the contest!

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Winning design #65 by Kristina2912, Logo Design for Silverback Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kristina2912

Project description

Business logo for a martial art school devoted exclusively to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for youth and adults.
Looking for a circular logo that contains a cartoon looking silverback gorilla and the words "Silverback BJJ" Or "Silverback Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" probably around the out edge. Three silverback gorilla can be three colors to accent the back and chest apart from the rest of the body.
Gorilla should not look fat, but physically fit/muscular.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a ground fighting/grappling submission art.

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  • I believe you had any more details silverback in an earlier submission. Could you try to red with one in it? Also make your text a little bigger with more contrast. #66
    • About #66, @sroffers
      I am interested in the detailed silverback that you submitted earlier. but you removed it. If you submit it again, I may purchase it for $99 when I end the contest.

  • Hello! Yes I accidentally uploaded 2 identical, sorry # 64 can remove. Sincerely Christina. Thank you. #64
  • This looks just like #64. Did you accidentally add two of the same? I can't tell the difference.
  • Nice. There's a lot of black right now. Try a red circle of some sort. I like that it is a circular logo. Can you make the torso more like a silverback? It's a bit too human right now. #63
  • Hello! I made the changes, I hope you enjoy it. If you need other changes let me know please. With best regards Christine
  • Do you think that this red arc should really be part of the sleeve? Maybe draw the black outline down to his hand and then fill in the red arc with white so it's part of his sleeve. #62
  • Hello! I made the change and made a gorilla in a white form, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • can you make the white outline of the gorilla a bit thinner? I like that it is there in stead of going from black to red, just want it a bit thinner. Thanks! #56
  • Please add a red panel to the black belt. Also, see if you can make this monkey look more like a gorilla. Thanks! #50
  • great! I hate to ask one more thing, but can I see this in white too. I really like it! #56
  • Hello! I took a few options, I hope that you enjoy, if required other changes, let me know please. Best wishes Christina.
  • Forget about adding my name. I am just looking for the outside to be a circle. Any ideas? #45
  • I like the red highlight idea, but it would be too hard for embroidery. #48
  • I would try putting "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" at the bottom of the outer circle, the circle that currently contains "Silverback".
    Eventually I will want to put my name somewhere. With the suggested change above you could put my name below his feet where Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is currently. #45
  • I really like this silverback rendition. Can you put your circle around him from #49 but in red? #31
  • Nice. Seems like a lot of black in this logo. Try red for the thicker ring. Can you give him a silver back like in most silverback images and my profile pic?
  • This is definitely where I wanted this idea to go, nice job.
  • Thanks, but now it's too simple. Sorry. Maybe go back to the one from before and just have one gorilla. #33
    • @sroffers Hello Silverback Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, We already believed it would be too simple but wanted to hear you opinion. Tommorow we will post a new design we hope you will like. Thank you very much for you opinion. Yours Sincerely, Huko Design.

  • This is really coming along nicely! Could you do a couple variations of red background with the black uniform of #39? #42
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the change from my perspective, I think the white form is popular even in view of the fact that he will not be on a white background, good contrast, bright, hope you enjoy. If there are other changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.