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Winning design #106 by Odysseus, Logo Design for Silverback Genetics  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Odysseus

Project description

Looking for a logo for my brand "Silverback Genetics".  I want to use a Silverback Gorilla as the part of the logo.  I would like the gorilla to be toned and muscular.  Somewhat looking like a body builder.  Our products will initially consist of pre-workouts, but grow to include protein powders, and gym wear.  

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  • Mock-up example of my design. #123
  • Please let me know what you think of my submission. I am happy to change any of the colours, font or composition as required.
    Kind regards
    Fiona #122
  • please check my design, thank you. #118
  • if you want any changes please sent me a feedback i can do my best for you. Thank you. #105
  • - symbolizes the letter "S".
    - Not full of muscular gorillas, because gorillas already reflect strength.
    - Use strong fonts, so there is a bond in the logo.
    - Silver color symbol of strength and stability. #99
  • Hi CH,

    I'm working on a design for you, and I wondered if you had any preference in terms of colour being included in your logo? Would you like just grayscale or were you thinking of a bit of colour too? If so, did you have a colour in mind?

    Additionally, in terms of the font, would you like all of 'Silverback Genetics' in the same font or would you like a distinction between the two words?

    Many thanks in advance
  • Hello CH Looking For Your Feedback Thanks... #90
  • Hello CH .... Looking For Your Precious Feedback Thanks #89
  • Silverback genetics Logo Design #88
  • Can you color in the white to match the rest of his grey chest? #60
  • Really love the design, it's one of our favorites. Can you make him just a tad more muscular. We are a fitness company, and want that to come across in the logo. #58
  • Love the face! Can he look more aggressive? #58
  • my entry #80
  • my entry #78
  • my entry #76
  • Please check my disign. #72
  • my entry #71
  • The gorilla is tight and muscular. looks like a body builder.
    please check my design and give feedback, thank you? #69

  • hello sir, is this what you want ?? #66
  • About #10, @dona16610
    ok, i'll do it