Simpele Recepten (Easy Recipes)

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Winning design #33 by operhal, Logo Design for Simpele Recepten (Easy Recipes) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

We have launched a new Dutch website called Simpele Recepten. (English: “Easy Recipes”): 

The site contains recipes from all over the world. All recipes are subdivided in the world cuisines (France, Italy, China, Indonesia etc.). We provide easy recipes for people who love to cook, but are not professionals. 

Furthermore, the site contains different kind of recipes. Dishes with potatoes, chicken, chocolate etc. We also provide recipes for a healthy meal or special occasions. People can find different cooking tips on our website.

Look of our logo:

- Characteristic and distinctive; there are many recipe sites and most of them use knifes, spoons and forks for their logo. We are looking for something distinctive.
- Maybe a logo which includes a chef’s hat, or a kitchen apron, other kitchenware and/or the abbreviation SR (Simpele Recepten)? 

- Recognizable for everyone; people instantly associate the logo with a recipe site. 

Thanks and good luck!

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  • You have a big chance to win this! We really like your design! Could you make a small change? We would like to see the pan and grocery note left of "Simpele Recepten". However, that would make "Simpele" much smaller than "Recepten". Maybe you can make these two words the same size? #33
    • @n_samijn Thank you. I will gladly make those changes but since this contest is expired I can't upload correction. Please note that when you choose a winner you still have 7 days more to work on correction. My best, operhal

    • @operhal You're right! There are a few more designs who have a chance to win though, so we'll soon let the winner know!

  • Please check your spelling the next time #81
  • What do you think of this? Simple yet elegant :) #92
    • @klauts Klauts? To be honest, this is one of the worst logo's untill now. Sorry

  • Black will be easier to match when applied to items, also it is cheaper than having multiple colors in the logo. #93
  • Hello! All recipes in the world are here in this logo, i hope you enjoy! don't you like his cloud hat!? #90
  • Dear CH, there is something new from me. I hope you will like it. #88
  • Simpele Recepten Logo 2
    Feel free to give me some feedback... :) #85
  • Simpele Recepten Logo 1
    Feel free to give me some feedback... :) #84
  • Hello,
    I have created a chef's hat made from the letters "S" and "R" - let me know what you think!
    Thanks. #6
    • @CMurphy1005 Looks good! I like your #7 better, because of the type of letters. Maybe you can give the "S" and "R" another colour, so they stand out more. Green for example.

    • About #7, @n_samijn Absolutely! entry #61 shows green and #62 shows the new layout as well as a purple color.

    • @CMurphy1005 Great design! Love the use of the hat with the letters. Jealous!

    • @mattcolemcd Thanks so much! I really appreciate that :)

  • Dear CH, is there anything you would like to change on my entry? Please let me know.
  • Here is my proposal. Thanks to tell me if you have a colors preference
    Regards #57
  • simpele #54
  • This looks great! Could you maybe send in a design which has the logo left of "simpele recepten"? Thanks in advance! #7
  • here using an apron and a free flowing font #50
  • Another concept, a typical wooden ladle found in the kitchen #49
  • new version... #47
  • Please, any suggestions on my designs would be greatly appreciated #45
    • @NemoGF Thanks for all your designs. Compared to some other designs I like, yours are bit "too much". Try to keep it a bit smaller and simple. There are still a few days left! Good luck!

  • Please, any suggestions on my designs would be greatly appreciated #44
  • Dear Contest Holder , pls check my design and comment on it #41
  • Dear CH,

    please check this option..I hope you will like it. #33
    • @operhal This looks much better! I really like it. It looks on our website.