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Winning design #160 by lelongahsoh, Logo Design for Simple Gaming Logo for a Flash Games Site Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lelongahsoh

Project description

Looking a for a simple, clean, attractive logo that flows with the blue and green theme of the site. The logo should be somewhat exciting and have a professional look at the same time. Be creative.

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  • I made three more designs with diferent aproach, #92, #93, #94 i hope you like it. thank's.
  • #86 was my newest example i have made. please feel free to letting me know how it looks, and what changes could be made
  • About #87 Thank you I will work on it a little more
  • the colors dont look well together
  • can we try placing the words next to it like #81 did?
  • i like its cleanness but i need some sort of image as well. not just words
  • intersting but needs to look a little bit more clean and maybe some shadow effect or something will make it look better
  • the idea and concept are interesting but it looks too much like it was drawn, it needs a more professional and shinier feel
  • I actually like this, its cool. but i cant decide if i like this one the best, im just going to wait the week out and see what happens
  • A simple, clean and attractive logo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • About #52 Lets try it as the font of "games"
  • Dear CH, Do you want the font of "" to be the same as the current font of "games" or the font of "broken tree"?
  • hey can i see what it would look like with "" instead of "games" at the bottom?
  • awesome :)
  • the original is better. can we just keep the same font as the original but make the tree a little bit bigger but not make it wavy like this one? the original tree was good as it was
  • can you make the tree a little bit longer?
  • can we try happier more exciting colors?
  • the color scheme and font is nice, im not so sure about the T and the B tho
  • This is nice, i am going to wait this week out and see what else comes up, but i like this. Can we try a different picture though? perhaps something that looks more like a tree?
  • i like the way the words look. i think we can change the tree though. it seems to arcade-y