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Winning design #564 by designerbdg, Logo Design for Simply Green Contest
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designed by designerbdg

Project description

Simply Green is a lawn service company that offers weed control and fertilization to luxury residential and commercial landscapes. We do not cut grass. We want to attract clients that are interested primarily in better ornamental turf management and not necessarily focused on getting the cheapest price. For this logo we would like to use a black (or white) background and green text (our trucks will be wrapped with a black or white background ideally with a combination of flat and glossy textures). It does not necessarily have to have grass or a grass blade, we are open for any ideas. The logo must communicate excellence, professionalism, and simplicity.

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  • I really like the colors that you did on the tree! Would it be possible to make it less feminine? This looks awesome though, thank you very much! #569
    • About #569, @lawnturfsup thank for apreciate, yes ofcourse but the contest expired, how to submit my design?

  • Dear CH, hope you would like this one, simple, stylish and unique and easily recognizable. Await your reply. thanks #567
  • this one #562
  • my latest idea #538
  • new idea #533
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  • I hope you will like it. #513
  • I like how you made the
    'g' with the leaf graphic. Can you work with that a little more please? #398
    • afm

      @lawnturfsup Thank you for your feedback. I uploaded some variations

  • I the the tiny "SG" in the graphic is cool! Can you send more stuff with that theme in mind? #281
    • About #281, @lawnturfsup ok thanks

  • maybe #467
  • Simply is spelled incorrectly. #426
    • About #426, @lawnturfsup i'm sorry,,i will re-upload

  • I hope you like my concept.
    Thank's! #463
  • hi dear ch incorporating the s and g as a leaf #460..hope you like it
  • Play with the lettering a bit and see if there is another way to do the text. Thanks! #354
    • About #354, @lawnturfsup Thanks for your feedback, i'll try