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Winning design #149 by rizzqi, Logo Design for Skaraborgs Träförädling AB Contest
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designed by rizzqi

Project description

We are looking for a new logo as our old is getting out of time and is no good any more.

We are a Company, planing mill from Sweden wich is in the Wood industry , we plane the Wood to Construction studs and all types of profiled panel boards, refining the Wood Product for the customers need. Since we export big volumes to all Scandinavia and europe we Think that we need a Little bit more international logo,

looking for something Clean and more modern but in a classic way of logo. maybe Something that makes our logo uniqe and tells wich Company it refers and industry it refers to. maybe something with 3 pine trees,where one is ahead of the other two, where the tree in the front refers to us in the industry, like a Company in the front where the others are behind and the Company name under, in the logo?

this logo is used on letters,mails, invoices , but were you will find it most is on the plastic wrapping that comes on all packes of Wood that goes out of our yards and wich is the first that the customers will notice when it get to their yards or at Construction sites around in Scandinavia and europe.

I let you all give it a try and looking forward to get help from someone out there , to make us more modern and international.

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  • Dear i have attached two variations of logo if you are interested let me know thanks #163
  • Hi @marcus1
    Please find entry #158, #159, feedback appreciated
  • @marcus1 Hi CH Please check my revised entry. Thank you so much.

    Mark Llamado #157
  • Hello Sir, I tried to move to a little different concept as you already have so many option with pine trees. Hope you like this design. Feel free to give any feedback. #143
  • Pls check my dsn... #140
  • Hi,thank you for ratinf on my previous design.I made you this flat and clean version of logo.I hope you like it.I saw that in brief you said you want three pine and something to look international a little bit.But I saw that the highest rate you give to letter " s ",so my question is do you want to see some 3D letter " S " as logo?And you also specifie color in brief green and dark and highest rated design isnt in that color,so should we use other colors also and what other color you would like to see?I hope you will respond me.Thanks. #139
  • @marcus1, I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback, thank you #136
  • Thease three pine trees Represent a Never Ending Progres, Cycle of Life, Leadership. With the three pines and one in front that big meaning is not possible, so I think this is more meaningful.
  • I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback, thank you #112
  • give me a feedback #101
  • Hi Marcus please see my designs #87 and #89. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you
  • Give me your feed, please! #95
  • Hi @marcus1
    Please find my entry #31, #32, feedback greatly appreciated
    • @sjkelly07 looks great, maybe do more like a line under the trees, can you do one with differentierad trees to ? :-)

    • @sjkelly07 looks great, maybe do more like a line under the trees, can you do one with differentierad trees to ? :-)

    • @marcus1 Thank you for the feedback and ratings, i'll have a look and get back to you with a revised design SJK

    • Hi @marcus1 Thanks again for the feedback, please find the revised entry #91, #92, #93 Regards SJK

  • Please Give me feedback, Thank you #83
  • Hello! i just tried to gave a look the way you want it, with a vintage mockup. Hope you like it, if you want anyother changes please do let me know. :) #82
  • here is the new one, hope you like it #77
  • Maybe a tree like the oter two but black in the center, ahead of the other two. Add est. 1983, ? #19
    • About #19, @marcus1 sounds good, thank you!

  • ready for modification :-) #67
  • Hi @marcus1
    how with this my designs...?
    what is less good, less good if you still let me fix it again ... #66
  • @marcus1 Hi CH Please check my entry. Unique and not too generic design. I hope you like it. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Llamado #64