Skaug Kommunikasjon

I got what I was looking for, and the process was swift and exciting. A lot of good contestants.

$275 paid

150 custom designs

68pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #111 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Skaug Kommunikasjon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

A new company that delivers the following:
Communications, photography, project management, consultancy, marketing, strategy, events, music, workshops, leadership training, management for hire.
Operates in Norway and a lot towards NGOs.. but also "normal" commercial companies

The logo should be able to rotate with the following tags:
Management for hire

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  • Hi,

    Check this new logo...feel free to ask for any changes,

    Waiting for feedback now.

    Thanks #143
  • my new logo idea #141
  • my logo idea #138
  • Hi, Let me follow your contest. This is my second design, may form abstract logo can represent your company's field of business. Thank You :) #131
  • Halo mr, I am showed something simple a help me before design look this #128
  • A designer friend of mine (That liker your design a lot) commented That The serifs IN The font May Not work that well on films:videos... Any experience/comments on that? #118
    • About #118, @Superleif Hi, I think serif fonts also work well on film/video industry.

      I tried searching and I've seen logos with serif fonts and I think serifs worked well:)

    • @tjgraphics ok. Then let's go for it as it is :)

  • I still think Kommunikasjon always should be black together with Skaug :) otherwise I'm happy! #117
  • I like this. How will it look together with your suggested symbols? And if to choose 5 colors, which would you recommend as my communication colors?
    I have also added a new logo contest with the brand "gospel explosion" please feel free to suggest logos on that as well and maybe play around with some of the same ideas however much more explosive and progressive :) #111
  • Now we're talking! I like this. Are you able to make a version with colored line + "foto" "Musikk" etc? What font are you using? I also need "konsulent" and "rådgivning" IN addition to foto etc
    Im also looking at your other suggestions on The logos #95
  • check this #105
  • check this #91
  • About #1, @tjgraphics Im pretty sure you are my number one design at the moment, however I would like to see only to fonts in black without the symbol, but with the different sub departments to the right. If you are able to look at the other contestants, #26 has a good solution I think. However maybe some other colors. Are you able to come with a suggestion? I think the logo always should be black on white or white on black and then sub deps coloured with the line between also in that color... Are you able to work on that?
  • Please rate and give me feedback for this design. Thanks! #82
  • K is loud speaker, relating to communication.
    hope you will get concept.
    Please let me know how it?

    Thanks. #80
  • Hi, could you please leave some feedback? Many thanks. #71
  • check my design and give I feedback. thank you #70
  • CH #67
  • CH #66
  • tried to give a new twist. I hope you like it. please contact me immediately, if there might still be a shortage or even errors. thanks #59
  • PLISE #59