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Winning design #134 by RedInk36, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by RedInk36

Project description is a new website that will launch in the New Year. It will provide advice on better business communications and will benefit anyone who, as part of their job or business, may have to: - Use email - Write reports, proposals, bids, etc - Write letters and other customer communications - Deal with customers/clients on the phone or face to face - Make a presentation - Attend meetings - Deal with colleagues It is not aimed at communications / marketing /PR specialists. The site will provide lots of articles giving tips and advice on communicating better for business and in the workplace, covering all of the above activities, and more. It will also feature a blog, which will take a (hopefully) entertaining look at communications, plus interviews with business men and women to hear about the importance of good communications in their businesses. Overall, it’s a place to go to sharpen your communication skills. I am looking for a logo for the website to make it look distinctive and memorable as it will be included on the header of the website and be seen throughout the whole site. I would like to see an icon of some kind + the words ‘Skill sharpener’ to be included. I don’t have a strong opinion on colour – happy to see what you think works best Please avoid any reference to knives/sharpening knives as this would not be the right kind of association. Thank you

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  • Thank you. Stands out and quite distinctive, but not much association with business communications
  • Thank you. Quite nicely executed, but I feel the impression is a little bit weak over all. Doesn't really stand out.
  • Thank you. Quite distinctive, but reminds me of an oil company; not much association with business communications
  • Thank you. Quite nice but I feel that a speech bubble has been used so many times
  • Thank you. Nice idea - development/learning to fly etc - but I don't think it's quite right for this
  • Thank you. Reminds me a bit of 'superman'. Nice effort, but not quite right
  • Thank you. A bit safe; not very distinctive
  • Thank you. This seems very safe
  • Thank you. Nice effort but not very distinctive
  • CH, I have entries #29 and #30. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • #41 This is an update to the concept of #14. Color and font variations can be explored, just let me know what you think... Jctoledo
  • Copying is forbidden. Please try to be more original next time.
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded: #36, #37 & #38. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • I send you love design 34 may have 2 letter S in a circle. SS is Skillshapener with ground dark light
  • this is 2nd warning (in a week) - do not use same design in two or more open contests; another open contest:
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #27 for your review...I can change colors as well. thanks, DM
  • Thanks, but I don't think this is very well executed and doesn't look very professional. The blocks look random.
  • Thanks. The 'turn on' idea is clever, but I think it looks too much like 'IT communications' and not softer business comms skills. Also, I specifically said I did not want an image of a knife.
  • Thanks This is ok, but the flash 's' isn't quite right. It doesn't seem to be very sharp or professional
  • Thank you, nice idea, but I think the scalpel/craft knife makes it seem like it is for an arts/crafts webiste, not business communication