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Our logo right now is simply our name (SkillWorks) in a multi-colored, fancy font. We would like to make our image more professional as we expand into new territory, new markets, and new media. Thus, the logo should give the impression of training for multiple disciplines across the country. In fact, our motto is "Training for America's Workers". And while our primary customer at the moment is the water and wastewater treatment industry, we envision training for other professions such as engineers, boiler operators, etc.

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  • hamovik09 I removed number 3 for you :)
  • About #3 Please ignore that one it's incorrectly spelled. Thanks. But I would love to get feedback on #4. thank you
  • Hello, In this logotype I have made reference to books, paper, pencils, the online element, accreditation, and certification. Thank you
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder infraction for
  • one design per entry, no size, no color, no font variations allowed. infraction for
  • Hello, I have decided to illustrate 'multi' discipline skills with one generic metaphor. Thank you.
  • This is clipart found in several logo maker libraries. We do not allow clipart and any logo you submit has to be 100% original created by you This is worthy of a ban but I will give you this as your first and last warning about clipart infraction for
  • about #9 waterdrop with the letter S in the drop
  • Good day CH. Tossing in 2 designs. #5 more or less rode the water treatment training hence the liquid container typeface, while #6 was developed to address different possible skills. Thank you for the opportunity.
  • This is clean and uncomplicated, but maybe a bit too much. You had another earlier (#3) that incorporated a gear and water droplet.
  • Very nice idea, although I'd like to keep the logo compact so it will print easily on an envelope.
  • This is nice and clean. When I print it our the "Training for America's Workers" becomes almost invisible. Also, "Inc." should be included, perhaps on edge.
  • About #52, #53 and #54, I was going for something that embodies the concept of superhero skills (which is why the typography). Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Why was #3 withdrawn?
  • Why was #3 withdrawn?
  • Also available with motto...
  • Added a colour gradient compared to #49 #48 is without the motto... The L's in skill represent a water tap! Hope you like it!
  • Hi hope you like it thank you
  • Sorry about the double post. I don't know what happened.
  • Hi CH, Hope you'll have time to check out #43 and #44. Regards