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Winning design #422 by landrum75, Logo Design for SkyCharger by Skyview Ventures Contest
Gold Medal

designed by landrum75

Project description

Skyview Ventures is looking for a logo for its brand of Electric Vehicle Chargers. The logo should say the word SkyCharger in it. We have provided a design that we created in house. Feel free to work off it or come up with something completely different.

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  • Contest Holder, I have enclosed another design. #29. Feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, Please take a look at my design #12 and tell me elements that you like or don't like. I'm happy to submit a new one with modifications!
  • Hi CH I submitted a new design #11 THANKS Salvador
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #9 and #10 for your review...thank you. DM
  • I have enclosed my design. . #6 -- please consider it. . .Thank you.
  • Hi #4 and #5 are a bit crude I know - will modify later. I just didn't want anyone else post "my idea" first. Nicer versions will be up here shortly! Bon nuit
  • Dear CH please consider my designs #3 Thanks Salvador.
  • Excuse the poor image, I'm using older software while my new CS6 downloads. One question, would you rather the your old designs, or a whole new one? Thanks. JK
  • #37 simple and to the point. any feedback or criticism is appreciated thanks
  • Dear HC here are my designs #3, #11, #30. please consider my designs. Thanks Salvador.
  • Hello Contest Holder - Can you review my #89 and let me know if I am heading in the right direction? Thank You
  • Hi contest holder, take a look at my design #83. If you want any chages just let me know. regards, Den
  • your design is too similar to another designer's entry:
  • Refrain from copying other peoples design.. hrm! It's just a thought but perhaps some of you should read the rules again.
  • hello contest holder, #119, #112, plese give me comment.. thanx..
  • Hi contest holder, have a look at #115, #116, #117. Thanx!
  • Dear all Please dont copy other designs. Do your own designs. thanks. coolpixels
  • hello contest holder, please look at #125 and #126. i hope it is the direction...
  • you can not use existing logo and try to "redesign" it (by the way, that is illegal); used "SKYPE" logo:
  • HI CH, I've just submitted entry #214. It is classic and simple. I recommend this logo because aside from the plug that you can see in the middle part, if you take a look at it, you can also see a Stirring wheel of a vehicle that is very relevant to SkyCharger :) This is something creative :) Thank you and Please be kind to give feedback :) DRGO