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Winning design #102 by Keosh, Logo Design for Slap-stool Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Keosh

Project description

Slap stool is a specific product design to hold mobile devices. The slap stool can be applied to any smooth surface using a suction, and then rotates 360 degrees and holds any mobile device with a patented sticky surface that can be reused and cleaned over and over. ** Please see attached picture for photo of the product** slap it on, stick it on, rotate 360 degrees, use it on any device!

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  • Hi OP, I have submitted design #26. Is there improvements you wish me to make, like color or design? Best Regards, Topher
  • Dear Sir or Madam, How do you like my design at #24 ? Would you like any particular colors? What about the text below the logo? Thank you!
  • Hello CH, i've submitted design #5 I hope you give me any feedback. And also, could you be more specific about what you want? so i could help you with what you need in the logo. Thank you best regards
  • Hi SlapStool, I've submitted entries #16 and #17, let me know what you think. Thanks Carmine
  • Hi CH, I uploaded my entry #12. Hope that there's feedback for improvement. Thanks.
  • hi..i ve just posted my work.because of pc problems. i know it is a little remaining time..but i have done it and thought the right was to suggest thank you
  • I'm sorry, I'm wrong design numbering. my design is the #31
  • Greetings, Acado to send my design proposal for your company, I hope you enjoy. any modification please let me know. #34
  • please give me a feedback about my design #61. thank you
  • i have submitted #55 #56 #59 .. hope you like my work..
  • Hi! I posted my entry, what You think ? Change something maybe ?
  • #77 Could be various color combinations. Perfect for engraving and various corporate identity needs. Thanks
    • Icon represents a stylized circle with a letter S. Circled shape stands for suction and orbits (360 rotation thing)

  • Has this contest been extended? I thought it ended a few days ago?
  • Dear CH, in order to get best results, you should be more involved in the process by communicating with designers, providing constructive feedbacks and comments. Thank you.
  • please give me a feedback about my design #83. thank you
  • Hi CH, Please find my entry #82. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Hello! Ive posted #49 and I need your feedback to make it better. Thank you!
  • I just uploaded my entry #147 . I made it with stamp-like style. Hope You like it.
  • Dear CH, I just updated my logo design with #144 & #145. Hope these are to your liking, and any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Please find my entry #141. Feedback most welcome. Regards SJK