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Project description

This is a rebrand opportunity for a high-end real estate business out of Dallas, Texas. They have been around for a long time and are established in the area. They are looking to redo their logo with something a little more "adult" and established.

Attached is their existing logo, which is the gold lettering on the greenish background. Sloan and Lester are two different people, so there is the symbol in between the two that separates them. They want to move away from this design.

I attached a .PDF file with examples of what they do like. Focus specifically on "Turtle Creek Limited Edition". They really like this style. 

The "Edition" text which is biggest should be Sloan Lester--in some format. 

They are using the slogan, "Executive & Professional Real Estate Representation". This could also go on their logo. Maybe along with Dallas, Texas or something else.

Colors will just be black and white.

Different fonts should be used to differentiate areas.


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  • i think you're on to something with this one... really like it... a lot of them have looked very 'cowboy' saloon. this one looks more british. #72
    • I'm not sure if that has something to do with the fact that I am British, but either way I'm really glad you like it. Just let me know if you think of any other changes you'd like to see. Thanks, Elliot #72

    • Hi James. I notice that you're narrowing down your designs, and I just wanted to let you know if there are any concerns you have with my design I can always make some text changes (thickness, colour, location etc.) in finalisation. If you do decide to go with mine we'll have 7 days to make small tweaks, and of course I can provide the logo in white on black as well. Thanks, Elliot

    • @EGDesign Hello Elliot, Your designs have made it to our top 8. I am putting them together in a PDF. I will let you know if I have any thoughts or suggestions on changes. Thanks!

    • @EGDesign Hi Elliot... I showed my clients the designs I picked out and yours wasn't the one they went with... HOWEVER... I really do like your design and would like to give you an opportunity to make some revisions based on the logo that they did like. I just appreciate your communication and think that you made a great piece. Is it possible to show you a copy of the logo that they liked? I am not really sure how this website works.

    • @james7 Hi James. Thanks for your comments. I am more than happy to make some revisions to my design. However I think there are some rules regarding designers copying one another, so I'd need to know what kind of things they would liked changed. Because your reference material is quite specific, and my of the designs look similar, I'm sure we could find a way to make this design what you're looking for without directly copying another designers work (e.g. using elements from other designs I have submitted, or referencing portions of your brief/source material to give it the right direction). Thanks for getting back to me, it's very much appreciated. Regards, Elliot

    • @EGDesign Hi Elliot... Here are the revisions: 1. Make Dallas, Texas horizontal instead of curved at the top. 2. Put the EST. date as 2003. 3. The SLOAN LESTER font with the blank spaces in it... Do you have one just like that but a tad bit thinner? 4. Can you make EST smaller than 2003 and also make it positioned a little higher? the top will still be in line with the 2003. I believe that is it. Thank you!

    • @james7 Hi James. Sorry about the late reply, I didn't receive a notification of your comment. I am more than happy to make those changes for you, and they all seem simple enough. A few of those changes I can even take note from my earlier submissions for. If you wanted to select my current entry as the winner, we could just easily make those changes and then get it perfect in finalisation. If you don't feel confident I can make the correct changes (I assure you I can), I could make them and provide an image link for you. Thanks, Elliot

    • About #72, @EGDesign Hi Elliot, I will make this the winner and then you can submit the revision. Trying to figure out how to choose the winning logo but having trouble finding it!

    • @james7 Thanks James, sounds great. If you're having trouble selecting a winner this article should help Thanks again, Elliot

    • @EGDesign Hi Elliot, I did what the thing said... Did it choose you as the winner?

    • @james7 hi there you need to choose silver and bronze medals as well. If this isn't working for you what entry numbers do you want for silver and bronze ? I can mark them for you

  • another variation #96
  • About #93, @AzeemDesigner
    Hi, here are my new entries to your contest. I have tried to use simple and elegant technique, let me know what you think.
  • @james7 I have created #74/#75 for your consideration. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Here is another version with the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet. #82
  • Hello James,
    I added a mockingbird. The mockingbird is the state bird of texas.
    I could easily add the state as others have done. I figured it would be more worth your time to see alternatives. #81
  • Hi James. I've submitted a couple more options with your previous comments in mind #71 & #72. Let me know what you think. Again, more than happy to make changes you might like. Thanks, Elliot
  • Hi James, I've submitted #67 & #68 with the suggested amendments and a few other tweaks. I have also added an 'SL' logo mark to try and make it a little more versatile incase they would like to use this as a standalone mark. Let me know what you think. I'm more than happy to work with you until we get it right. Thanks, Elliot
  • Hi. Please check and rating #66. Thanks.
    Best regards
  • hi- i really like this concept. it's not quite there. i would remove the texas symbol as it reminds me of western. if any changes could be made to make it more HIGH END and expensive looking that would be great. #32
    • About #32, @james7 Thanks for the feedback. I will make a few tweaks to try and make it look more high end . As for the Texas symbol I will remove this all together. If you have anything else you'd like to see on there just let me know. Thanks again, Elliot

  • Hello, I like this... However it is missing something. Maybe something above Sloan Lester... The Sloan Lester font looks great and I like the sans serif below. #51
  • Hello- thank you for the entry. I like your design, however I think for our client it needs to be more fancy and high end. #57
  • Hi, not bad at all. Probably remove the Texas symbol- as the client is less 'western' thinking and more HIGH END. Very high end. #59
  • Hello- Not really what we are looking for. We are looking for something very high end. I appreciate the creation though. Think VERY high end. #61
  • Hi sir! I've made this. I really hope you like it. Please let me know if you want any changes :) Feedback is appreciated!
    Best regards
    Victor #62
  • Thanks for the rating on #32. If you have any amendments or variations you'd like to see don't hesitate to let me know, I'll be more than happy to make them for you. Thanks again, Elliot
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Please feedback would be appreciated
  • Dear CH, have submitted my entry, await your feedback and suggestions. thanks #39
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #31
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #30