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I started with almost no idea of what I wanted for a logo and ended up stopping the contest early after finding a perfect logo among all the great submissions. Money well spent!

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Winning design #103 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for Small Outdoor Video Production Company Contest
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designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

Business name: Wild Spruce We focus on outdoor video production in areas such as outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing, power-sports (ex; jetski's & dirtbikes) nature, exploration, etc. I don't have much of an image in my head but here is what I'm thinking: A logo that lets customers know what Wild Spruce does. So say if it has an icon of something from the outdoors, words below saying "outdoor video production" or something to that affect would suffice. As far as style, I'm liking a lot of the logos that have at least some of these aspects; vintage, rugged, outdoorsy. But I am open to any ideas and actually like a few that don't fit those mentioned styles. I am also finding I prefer the logos that are more simple than complex. Finally, as far as Letterform goes, so far I'm not wanting a strictly letterform logo, but a mix is ok. I'm also trying to get straight to the point with the process so I'm not wasting your all's time or leading anyone on. Keep up the good work everyone! Your creativity is impressive.

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  • I like a lot of aspects of this, would prefer a symbol more prominent than the play button, possibly outdoorsy. Could you also provide any new samples with a white background? Thanks
    • I like it, too! And I think your right about the symbol. I will revise it.

    • Hey do logo, one of my friends said you submitted a logo with a person in it + white background and then took it down. They were impressed so I'd like to see it if you still have it, thanks

  • I like the text, font, etc. I like the the style of the blue/green circle image but would prefer something with a stronger outdoor or video look to it opposed to a circle with the graphics inside. Thanks!
    • I have uploaded a revised version #72, let me know what you think. Thanks

  • I like the symbol you picked to represent the video aspect because it is simple, easily recognizable, bold, and has some action. I'm not sure about the text, I sort of like it, but would prefer something to be changed on it...I'm just not sure what. The "outdoor video production" text would have to be a little bigger, Thanks for certain items the logo would be displayed on.
    • I have made two alternate versions with different styles of text, #64 and #65..let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Gives a strong professional feel. I like the contrast in colors between the green/gray and even think it could be a little more pronounced in the color version. I'm not sure if I like this version or the one without the "clap board bar"...I'll give them the same rating for now and think about it, Thanks
    • Hello CH, thank you for your feedback and guidelines. Here we send you the design in different colors 56 57 Please, kindly, let us know your suggestions. Best regards.

  • This one is too complicated for me and the overall logo is very defined by the edges of the box and circle. I do like the tree, it's what I'm looking for if there is going to be a tree in my logo; it's a good look between too much detail and realism vs too cartoony. If you resubmit, I would make the tree prominent and probably the only non-text piece in the logo. I think I also like a deeper or richer color green. Hope this helps, Thanks
    • Hello Austin, thank you for your feed back i´m sending you another one, i hope you like it.

  • I like the simplicity of the logo, I like the tree...not too detailed and not too vague. Would prefer a different font and probably a color contrast between the tree and the font. I actually really like the slogan you came up with but prefer it not to be in the logo. Thanks
    • About #43 Revised font choice to something a bit more rustic and outdoors. Same treatment can be done to the logo itself. #44 with a different rustic font. Open for critique or revisions. Thank You

  • This one is a little complicated, plus your other one outshines this one so I would rather focus on the other altogether, thanks
  • Same feedback as your other version, thanks
  • Same reasons as the one it's similar too, sorry
  • Eliminating since you already updated this one, thanks
  • I like the font, the text, the green, and the overall layout/placement. I need the symbol to show the outdoors or video production though. Thanks
  • I like the colors and the fonts, the tree has character but doesn't fit for some reason with this logo. I'm going to eliminate, but also because I like the other two you did (still have to give them look over. Thanks
  • Eliminating this version because I think there are stronger logos submitted than where this one currently stands (without the revisions). Thanks
  • Good concept mixing the film and reel into a green spruce tree, but it is a little too complicated and doesn't present a strong message of what Wild Spruce is or does, sorry
  • I like the color and font of "Wild Spruce", but the tree adds a weak feel to the logo. The like the reel incorporated in the logo. Need a white background. (I realized I need to tell everyone else this too), thanks
  • This one is more complicated than the other two you submitted
  • Eliminating due to early said reasons, Thanks though
  • Looks a little too simple and "budget", sorry
  • Looks a little too simple and "budget", sorry
  • Eliminating for same reasons as before, thanks