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Winning design #109 by YAD, Logo Design for Smart Strategy Contest
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designed by YAD

Project description

Our company is undergoing some big changes, and it implies a new corporate identity. A new logo should be part of this. 

The new logo should be modern and should be apt for different media kinds. We would prefer modern simple flat design, that reflects our company slogan: "We believe technology was invented to make life easier".  

We sell IT solutions for business and we focus on the customization of the internal process and then the tools. For more information about our web page, visit:

We are results driven, work in an agile and flexible method. We don't have physical offices, but work from everywhere. Our team is spread across many countries. 

Our old logo (link) doesn't reflect our visions and personality. Our logo must reflect our technological and strategic know how, but should differentiate ourselves from our competitors: IT solutions for business, there are a lot and most of them uses a lot of cliches around our industry (cloud, globe, shaking hands, etc... ). We don't like this cliches. 

We hope to find a creative designer and start with our logo, but continue with a long term business relationship. 

Thank you for your interest and happy+creative designing!


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  • Hi guys, you very impressed me with your great ideas!!! There are so many beautiful concepts and it will be very hard to decide witch one will be our winner. Thank you all very much for your excellent job and you will hear from us the next week!!! Kindest regards!
  • modification concept and variation color :) #129
    • @Eriyanto Thank you!! your style is great! and it would be very difficult to decide ;-)

  • Any feedback about my designs (#112 and #111 #115 #117 #118 #119) would be helpful.

    If you want to see any change just let me know.


    [ JOBZ ]
  • please give me feed back.

    Thank you #97
    • @Ikea Thanks, the icon concept is not exactly what we expected. Yes it represents the flexible method we work, but we are an IT company. I would be very thankful to see your other ideas for that!

  • sir check my idea and give me feedback #110
    • @FHDesigner Thank you for your idea! We would like to see your other ideas for an icon! Thanks!!

  • Thank you! Your concept (and many other too) remembers us at Suzuki Brand, maybe you have some other interesting concepts? It would be great! Thank you!! #86
  • Iconic design... #72
    • @dsfdes Thank you four your interesting idea! Its a little bit too heavy, maybe you have some other ideas to make it a bit more flexible and soft? Thanks!

  • My designs #80
    • @pedrafa Thank you! Maybe some other ideas in flat design? Thanks!

  • Simple yet powerful... #71
    • @dsfdes Thanks, I like your different concepts. Have you some other ideas for the icon? We would like to avoid cliché like clouds etc. Thank you!

  • Organic design... #70
  • Hello,
    I hope you like my design. Any feedback is welcome. Also feel free to contact me if you want some changes.
    Thank you. #66
    • @ToniBigT Hi, thank you! I like you playing with different colors. But the "SS" is so explicit in this version and remembers us at very dark side of the World history... Maybe you have some other ideas for that, be creative, thanks!!

  • clean and simple ... #65
  • hello CH, added some brand new concepts, different from all here, check them out and please feedback..
    thank you #49
    • @bcra Thank you for your creativity!! We like the variety of your offers! There are some very good ideas we have to discuss internally.

  • please review about my design

    Thank you. #53
    • @Ikea We like you experimenting with other colors! maybe some other ideas how to put icon and calligraphic elements more harmonious? Thank you!!

  • Hi,

    please share some feedback #58
    • @designforme The concept is the right direction we wish for our logo! Thank you!

  • please give me feedback.

    Thank you. #52
  • Hii CH,
    Did you mean like this ? #42
    • @Zaidibnutsabit thank you! its interesting to see other versions but we prefer you anterior works!

  • new flat idea.. hope you enjoy my work.. Best Regards #43
    • @bcra thank you for interesting ideas!

  • Could you experiment with other colors too, it would be great! Thank you! #28
  • smart strategy #34
    • @AAZI thank you very much! we would like something more modern, futuristic design. Maybe you have some ideas for memorable icon? Thanks!