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Winning design #193 by Brand President, Logo Design for SMB Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Brand President

Project description

This is a new company with many people involved " Group ".

I am Focusing on the Main company being the SMB Group.
The company is made up of home construction related items.
We have to target all customers and make the logo attract all eyes. The SMB group will branch off into Multiple different departments being renos/constructions, Mini Split heating systems, Home inspections and bathroom Renovations, Attic blow in insulation applications.  " I do not want all these items noted in main logo design, but i want to add to stand out to be very smart and modern looking - making people want to know more about the company and what we specialize in. The back ground of logo can be shiny Jet Black with a white lettering or something that stands out, Or also we can try a Matt dull black with some sort of lettering that jumps out at us. 

Good luck

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  • About #194, @ayubzafar ok now i see it , how do i make this my winner ???
    • @stephenbishop302 here read this

  • @stephenbishop302 available now #194
    • @ayubzafar ok this is iy !!

    • @ayubzafar Im trying to select this #194 as my winner but can not see it on my main page?

    • @stephenbishop302 try to reload it and if still you are not able to see I'll submit it as a new entry please let me know

    • @stephenbishop302 He im checking my main entree page and theres no # 194 ?

    • @stephenbishop302 click on here #194

    • @stephenbishop302 if you are still having issue i'll re submit it as we have 12 mins left

  • Hi, My name is abdou and this is what I propose for your project. It's modern and professional. Please let me know what you like and dislike about the design. I'm happy to further refine it based on your needs

    Please rate my design and tell me for required changes.
    So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Regards/ #300
  • About #193, @ayubzafar .. Why cant i find # 194 on my contest anymore? can you help
    • @stephenbishop302 Please reload the tab i had withdrawn it (in order to avoid designers to copy my designs)

    • @stephenbishop302 i think i selected # 194 as a favourite but now i can not find this anymore.

    • @stephenbishop302 here #194

    • @ayubzafar ok thank you

    • @ayubzafar Keep #194 in a safe place i will be back with the contest later this evening, Talk soon!

    • @stephenbishop302 Sure I'll temporary withdraw it until you get back Thanks

    • @stephenbishop302 Im Backkkkkkkk

    • @ayubzafar I only have limited time left on my Contest, I want to select our Design that we Temporary Withdraw- How do i select this design?

    • @stephenbishop302 I Choose designer Ayubzafar #194 design that we have been working on, This Design is my winner but is currently withdrawn as we agreed on. I choose him and this #194 design. This is my confirmation as i do not see this design on my page and i only have 11 HRS remain on my contest.

    • @stephenbishop302 I have re added it please check

  • Hi,
    Please have a look. If you need to change anything please let me know.
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #284
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  • A minimalist, simple, timeless logo. The negative space of the letter 'M' makes the logo interesting. #262
  • @stephenbishop302, please check and comment, thanks #249
  • @stephenbishop302, please check and comment, thanks #248
  • About #194, @ayubzafar Ok there it is , i see now !!!
  • @stephenbishop302 Sure I'll provide you Both designs as these are just variations of one design #2
    so no need to worry also all the mockup images will be included.
    Looking forward to it :)
  • About #221, @ayubzafar If i choose you for contest do you provide me with different images or only 1 ? I will like to use 194 on my website but also 221 for business cards and other advertising.
    • @stephenbishop302 Sure I'll provide you Both designs as these are just variations of one design #2
      so no need to worry also all the mockups images will be included.
      Looking forward to it :)

  • Please check and comment, thanks #227
    • @bams_art31 i like the top design with back drop thank you

    • @stephenbishop302 thanks for feedback, is there anything I can improve

  • please check this. #247
  • please check it. #244
  • Please check it and provide feedback. thanks. #243
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    Please Check..#238