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Winning design #133 by LifeFX, Logo Design for SMD Rework Pro-SMD Rework and Repair Materials Contest
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designed by LifeFX

Project description

SMD Rework Pro is a company that manufactures and distributes soldering materials for use in the repair of Printed Circuit Boards. We need a clean logo that stands out well, but also can be on business cards and letterhead. It would be preferred if the logo can incorporate a circuit or circuit board, with some 3D aspect.

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  • thank you sir for the comment i will revised no. 3.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your comment, I designed the #6. I will revise my design.
  • Dear CH, About #21, Please check out this revision of #7, Thank you.
  • I like this design, please elaborate in the theme, perhaps a different font for the "SMD" that does not look too science fiction
  • More detail on the chip please, it looks too simple
  • Could use the letters closer together
  • The colors aren't bad, I would change the symbol, I do not like that part so much
  • I like the circuit board design, but not the cracked letters. Also the lower caption needs to be changed
  • Close, but would like the logo to stand out more, also the letters should be closer together, and it is SMT Rework Pro, not reworks
  • I have submitted #61, I am looking forward to your comment
  • I like the design, but I would kern the letters together a bit more, and also eliminate the circles, they are a bit distracting
  • The font should be different: first more of a royal blue, second kern the letters together to attach them to each other.
  • This series is nice, but too busy in the letters, need fewing lines and circles
  • Chip design is nice, I do not like the font of the lettering.
  • #33 is my new entry. I hope you will like it. Wait for your comment.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your comment about #14, I will try my best.
  • Here font corrections - #79, #80, #81, #83 let me know if you need any more corrections Kind regards, Fullheads
  • About #41 ok, I will do so, thank you for feedback, Kind regards, Fullheads
  • I like the logo design, but I would like to see this series with a font closer to the style of #39
  • About #73 and #74: Hi CH, thank you for your feedback. I have submitted a few revisions based on your feedback. Please let me know your thoughts. I will be happy to modify or try anything else for you! Thanks!