Smiles Orthodontics

Whole process went really well! Had a lot of wonderful designers give me excellent design options. Tough to choose at the end. Remember, give them as much constructive feedback as possible to get the best results.


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68 custom designs

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Winning design #69 by friendnand, Logo Design for Smiles Orthodontics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

Update logo, make it more dimensional and eye catching

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  • like this design but would like different font for Smiles. Also more variance in color.
    • Hi, Thank you for the rating and feedback on #13. I have altered it as requested resulting in #21. Regards, Glen.

  • like this design but would like to see a different font for Smiles
  • We like this design, but the font for Smiles is too "blocky", can we see it with a different font and perhaps with the smile on the S on Smiles (may be overkill with other smile, but would like to see)
  • Really like this design, but would like to keep the smile in the S on smiles. Also would like to see more dimension in the lettering. Thanks.
  • No gradient please, add some form of art (icon) to gain more 3D perspective. Lets try different color scheme as well.
    • Hi, I have removed the gradient from #21 and placed the text on a blue field. I also added a black outline tooth in the background... #50. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Glen.

  • hi ch Thanks for feedback ok I will work on logo......
  • I would like to see this with a different font for the word smiles. A smile in the first S of smiles and variance in the coloring of the font on smiles for added dimension. Thanks!
  • Question about my eliminated design, I still need feedback. Like was it too much or too little?
    • too much, too busy.

    • so a more simeple straight forward design? ?

  • ty for your design! It comes across as very 2D, it would be nice to get something with a little more depth. Also, I wonder how it would look with the smile to the side of the lettering instead of above it. This logo leans more towards the playful side, I would like to see it lean a little more towards the professional side, To summarize, I'm looking for, depth (pops off the page), interesting and professional.
  • Like that tooth better. Try it with Green and Blue colors, like design #1 (if you can see that design) and somehow add depth or dimension to the design.
    • GJR

      Great, I will work on this as soon as I can. Thank you.

  • too soft, too generic.
  • Different font and smiles, too 'theatrical' want less playful and more professional. Good job in the design incorporating more of the 3D aspect.
  • want the smiles to be on the first S and the design disappears to easily, doesn't 'pop' off the page.
  • Lets try Grey and Green color scheme. Also add the smile to the bottom of the first S in Smiles. Similar to the design in #33. Also lets see hoe it would look if the tooth is softened slightly. How about adding some depth to the design, so that if it was on a banner on my building, it would stand out more.
  • Like the colors and the font, can we try a different tooth style. Something a little more angular.
    • GJR

      Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I have submitted #33. If you want any further changes or variations then please let me know. Thank You.

  • Slightly less neon green color. A little more definition on tooth and or solid outline, so that with embroidery, it doesn't look like a blob.
  • Hello CH, I just uploaded my designs #51 and #52, Feedback is appreciated. Thanks Dezign30
  • Taking a design from another designer
  • great. Try in Blue/Green.