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Winning design #135 by creatia, Logo Design for SnowMonkey Contest
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designed by creatia

Project description

I want to say thanks to each and every one. I'm overwhelmed with the response and the quality of these logos. I have spent some time looking at each one. Some have made me rethink what the mark of the brand should be- especially the more 'out there' ones. Some are really cool but not quite what I'm looking for here. I have not commented on each one as there is too many but I appreciate them all.  Cheers Josh (please don't call me sir!).

I'm looking for logo designs for my start-up T-shirt company.

SnowMonkey (SM) uses traceable organic cotton and renewable bamboo for its products, it donates profits to environmental issues. It is aiming for the higher earner, 35+ customer base that is environmentally interested in health and sports (marketing will also include adventure and travel as part of the story). The T-shirts feature satire, more sophisticated humor and contemporary issues. The designs are more sophisticated than slap-slick, but still entail fun.

Theme for t-shirt designs
70's 80's 90's 'retro'
tech schematics

I'm looking for a brand-mark that would look good on a t-shirt, website or a sticker. The SnowMonkey name does not necessarily need a monkey theme - I am open to one but this is not about monkeys (UPDATE: after receiving a few monkey and snow based themes its has become clear that this is not the route). The brand colour pallet has not yet been finalised, so designs here can shape the look of the brand.

There is a possibility of future work designing up new ideas for prints.

Firstly, I have added some brand-marks that I don't like, to me they are too busy, too many colours, don't stand out and generally not on-brand for SM.

I have added some brand-marks that I like. I'm not looking for a copy of any. Here are my explanations:

Five Ten. Sneaker brand. Its so simple, yet cleaver. for me it looks like a 5 then I have to refocus to see the 10. It also ticks the box of 'instantly recognisable from 10 meters'.

Terrible One. BMX brand. Super creative and quite clever logo, thats probably timeless. Would be even better if the bar code scanner picked read the letters correctly. To me, its recognisable, simple and clever. Terrible one also is shortened to T-1 which has another logo. It sort of works as the smaller one is on the head times of the bikes (google it)

Pics Peanut butter. Errm, peanut butter brand! you might argue that Che Guevara or Communism in general owns the 'red star' or even that technically Pic's has another brand mark, but the red on black or black on red star is how you can spot the brand a mile off in supermarkets or on t-shirts. Its simple and timeless.

I will add more inspiration later.

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