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Winning design #59 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for SoccerTykes Contest
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designed by sikdesigns

Project description

Our indoor soccer facility is looking to create a logo for our new youth soccer program for ages 2 - 7 yrs.  This program has an emphasis on fun and development in soccer.

This logo MUST be built in adobe software.  I have had issues in the past with other formats.

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  • HEELO sir check my design and feedback me ... thank you
  • ok, looks good. soccer player is perfect. Font coloring also.

    Can you add a green patch of grass under the soccer http://ball...the same as in the BIS academy logo that is attached to the description for this project. I think that will tie the whole logo and make together and make it fit into with our other logos #59
  • cool this may be it. let's see the head a little lower (closer to body) and the SoccerTykes with the green outline instead of black #58
  • this is looking real good. I like to keep logos to 3 color. Can we see the kid in all black uniform. No shield on the chest and maybe a little smiley face. Unless you have some idea to change the colors so it still looks like he has a uniform on using the existing blue, green and black. #57
    • @patrick1 No problem. Please take a look at #58. Thanks

  • can you add clothes / http://uniform...shorts and TShirt to the kid logo?

    Can you remove the shield? lets see the soccer ball logo and just "soccertykes" #55
  • could you move the font directly above the shield so there is just a slight gap between the shield and the wording? #49
    • @patrick1 No problem. Please see #55.

  • could we see another variation of this logo with the "S" looking a little more "S" like? It kind of looks like the number 5. I think this is a good logo and kids would like it. #54
  • could I see this logo with a brighter blue color? #54
  • @patrick1 Please see revisions. #49 increased the height of the font. #50 used a different font that has more height. #51 used a new shield and kept original font and size. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks.
  • Can we make the font larger and still keep it within the width of the shield? We would like the wording "SoccerTykes" to stand out more. The shape of the shield can be changed if needed. #48
    • About #48, @patrick1 let me work on a few ideas. I can increase the height of the font. Try a new font and also use more of a triangular shield to give the width on top.

  • very close, now can the words stick out above the shield like #44? #47
    • @patrick1 Great! Please see #48. Let me know how that looks. Thanks

  • Hi patrick1, let me know if #47 is what you are looking for. Thanks
  • how about the wording to on top of the logo like this proof (#44) but fitting the font within the shield and making the soccer ball larger to take up more space in the shield? #44
    • @patrick1 Similar to #43, but make the ball larger?

  • i hope like you! #45
  • sikdesigns

    we like your logo. let's see the changes we requested and we can further finalize the logo #38
    • @patrick1 Sorry for the delay. Please see #42 and #43. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks

  • can we also see the shield bigger so the "SoccerTykes" fits within the shield? #38
  • This one is winning. It reads much better. Can we see this with all the text in blue? and see some options with the text in more of an arch shape above the shield. #38
  • Can I see some examples with SoccerTykes as one line? We are thinking of this as one word. #34
    • @patrick1 No Problem. Please see #38, #39 and #40

  • can I see it without the fade in the "Soccer" and "Tykes" text? #34
    • @patrick1 Sure. No Problem. #37. Please let me know if there is anything else.

  • Can you make this soccer ball look more like the ball in our other 2 logos (attacehd to this posting) #4 is closer but I like the look of a more modern ball. Could I see the background stripes in the green and blue? #15
    • @patrick1 Let me know what you think of #34. The ball can be changed anyway you like, but the original concept of putting the kid figure inside the ball may not work with all ball designs. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks