Social E-Commerce web site needs a logo (using a owl as a mascot).

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Winning design #8 by like an angel, Logo Design for Social E-Commerce web site needs a logo (using a owl as a mascot). Contest
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designed by like an angel

Project description

We want to use a owl as a mascot and as part of the logo of the web site. Design of the owl is cartoon like, it fits inside a round or oval and can have many human expression by using corns or/and eyes. The name to write beside is TheBootic. "The" is written smaller and "B" is the letter who represent the logo when there is not enough space to write it completely. Logo is provided using "TheBootic" and "B" only. One version for dark back-ground and one for bright back-ground (color reversed ?).

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  • Dear CH I have submitted my second design #11 . I look forward to your feedback. Regards.
  • Dear CH, About #9 I try to make it simple and clean. I edit text to suit symbol. The direct of owls to name of your branding.I try it with black and white. I am happy with color if you want. I hope you like it. Thanks
  • Hello Stougard, Thanks for your feedback :) i've fixed the "t" in the #8 as you requested , Also tried to make the owl's eyes look at you! i'm up for any further modifications. regards, Selma
  • The owl seems to look up, is it possible to make him look directly at you.
  • It seems the "t" is not fully aligned between the top and the bottom of the letter. There is some kind of blur to the left just at the junction between the vertical line and the half circle.
  • Very good. I just love it. I would like to see the "b" alone in this version (not completely similar to #2).
  • Good, very good even I prefer the #3 version.
  • The owl looks like a thief. We would like to inspire trust ... The owl is too much symbolized, not sure we can give him some human expression.
  • On graphic point of view, it's quite nice. However, it does not fit the requirements of the project.
  • Too much aggressive.
  • Sorry, no convinced at all by the style.
  • I love the expression of the owl. Don't like the vertical "The", colors (especially black background one), fonts and the global look (balance between left and right seems not correct).
  • Dear CH I have submitted my first design #7. I look forward to your feedback. Regards.
  • It's original, but does not fit. Sorry.
  • Too similar to previous design and not really better.
  • At the same time as being a cartoonish owl, this one is mounted on a stand to show that it is a handmade item, like many of the items available on your site. The accompanying design submission shows the same design on a dark background.
  • I like your design, but we still can not really isolate the text from the whole logo. Maybe the style is too strong, not sure.
  • DEAR CH Change the font of design #13 Regards
  • "b" should not be capital letter. We need to be able to separate the mascot from the logo.
  • Black and White too contrast. The spacing with the "oo" seems not right. Too many things added around the letters.