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Winning design #75 by GJR, Logo Design for Sofia's Playground Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

This is a company that is named Sofia's Playground and whose objective is to distribute toys, accesories and clothes for babies and kids with contemporary design however not loosing the old sense of imagination and crativity of toys.

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  • Like the concpet however I am not sure on the font used for Playground. Can we try some others?
    • Thanks for the feedback :), I tried some options with other fonts on the word playground #20 and #21 , hope you like it, and if not :) we can keep on changing. Thanks again

    • Hi again CH, thanks for not eliminting my logo :), I have two more variatins on #21 logo, with added illustrations in the S letter, but I can't subbmit them for you to see, because i just started using Designcontest and I have limited nomber of enteries since I am level 1. So If you could help me with fifthy rating points so that I can subbmit the two new variations for you to see... Thanks in advance

  • Like it very much, however I am not really sure how I could have a short version for "SP". I like the colors however I am not sure if they seem a little girly.
  • I like it, I think the inside designs between the circles all refer to baby, can we have something that refers also to kids? for example instead of a bodysuit in the lower right corner, have a t shirt and so on.
    • Hi! thanks for the feedback, check out #10. if you want any other alterations let me know Regards

  • Very creative, I have however mixed feelings, I dont know if it is too formal
  • Hi CH! Please see my entries: #44, #45. Looking forward for your feedback! Thank you!
  • I like the concept, however I didnt like much the font, can we try other one?
    • Thanks for the feedback. I submitted #31 with different fonts

  • Hello! I've made design #29 and #30 for you. I recommend to watch it at full size. And of course I would appreciate any feedback. Regards
  • Hi Ingridgmc, Please find my design #28. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • You are not allowed to use Dingbat fonts in logo contests. Source: _
  • You are not allowed to use cliparts in logo contest. Your work must be original. Source: _
  • I have #53 and #54, I think that that simplicity is the best idea. Here I have some toys, I made two ideas, but we are more comfortable with where it has only dragons with another toy, I do not know whether this is in principle not suitable for children and their ages, but I'm open to your opinions!
  • The concept is so interesting!!!
    • GJR

      That's great, thanks for the feedback. I've submitted designs #62 and #60 to show how the concept can be used with different colour combinations and how you can use SP as an icon on it's own.

  • Very cool design!!!
  • It`s a sweet logo, I see it and think of a decor for a baby room, can we expand the concept to also toddler?
  • I like the font and concept, however I would like other color and perhaps other icon (not the balloons) on the 's
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests art used can be found here
  • AHhhh by the way is Sofia with F not with PH, can we do the change?
    • GJR

      i've submitted #75 with straight letters and #76 with the original lettering but with the spelling correction. Really Sorry about the spelling mistake, I am not sure how I missed it. I've got a niece called Sophia so maybe that was on my mind!

    • Thank you for your design I loved it. Can you please along with the source files can you provide detailed Pantone number for the colors used? Thanks

  • Dear CH, I Submit my new entry #73 hope u will like this
  • Like it a lot the colors, I think even in a sticker it would look very nice. I would like to see how it look with straight letters, can we try it? Thanks
  • Hi Ingridgmc, how are you, i uploaded 2 proposals to your logo, #71 and #72, check it out and let me know your feedback! :)